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PanRomanianism is a term used for a loose political faction in the Romanian Federation that see Romanians as an oppressed but superior people. Among their issues are a distaste for the current Queen of Muntenia, Elena I and especially her heir Anira. Likewise they view the marriage of Nicolae Vlas-Florea to a foreigner with suspicion, regard Transylvania as rightfully Romanian, and tend to support Pavelist claims.

An unofficial "leader" of the PanRomanian Movement is Razvan Popescu, brother-in-law to Muntenia's queen through marriage to her sister. The Popescu clan is widespread and generally associated with conservative politics throughout Romania.

Razvan's uncle Nicodim Popescu was elected President of Romania in 2009.

The Ten Commandments

In 2008 a pamphlet began circulation in Oltenia and has spread elsewhere in the Federation. Apart from extolling Romanian superiority, it also demonizes Hungarians:

  • Thou shall not forget Romania, nor place any land or nation before your homeland in heart or mind or action.
  • Thou shall not treat any Hungarian as an equal to any Romanian, on pain of treason.
  • Thou shall not call any person Romanian who is not of that blood, with no Hungarians or other pollution in their family tree for three generations or more.
  • Remember the first of November, and keep sacred in your hearts the despair of our enemies on that day.
  • Honor thy fathers, and never forget their enemies remain thy enemies for no less than ten generations.
  • Thou shall not allow any Hungarian to harm any Romanian, upon pain of death.
  • Thou shall not marry any woman not fully Romanian, for such unions are not marriage but adultery, and such women are not wives but whores.
  • Thou shall not allow any Hungarian to steal from any Romanian, but take from them an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, a tooth for a tooth.
  • Thou shall not spread falsehoods about the innocence of those who have wronged Romania or Romanians, on pain of treason.
  • Thou shall not succumb to the temptation of Hungarian women, who are the agents of our enemies.

Many PanRomanians explicitly condemn this pamphlet while others give it their support.