Anira of Muntenia

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Crown Princess Anira
Anira of Muntenia.jpg
Title: Crown Princess of Muntenia
Predecessor: Elena I
Successor: None
Birth: 1993
Death: Not applicable
Profession: Royalty, Student
Political Party: None
Religious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Personal Arms
Anira arms.jpg

Crown Princess Anira (born 1993) is the only child and heir apparent of Queen Elena I of Muntenia and her husband Luc de Mersdon of Xliponia. Her parentage is expressed in her personal coat of arms. By all accounts she is reserved young woman with a passion for horse-riding (she has competed internationally and won awards in her category) and no known boyfriends. It is known that she speaks fluent Xliponian, French and Russian. She has been schooled privately, with a carefully selected group of classmates her own age, numbering one dozen--six boys and six girls. Most of boyar heritage although several of also upper middle class of good backgrounds. All belong to the Romanian Orthodox Church and none are the offspring of any prominent political leader.

Some factions within Muntenia favor changing the law to barr her succession to the throne, on the grounds that she is not sufficiently Romanian and/or her father has been too much of an influence upon her.