Elena I

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Elena I
Elena i.jpg
Title: Queen of Muntenia
Predecessor: Gheorghe I
Successor: None
Birth: 1969
Death: Not applicable
Profession: Royalty, Lawyer
Political Party: None
Religious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Family Constantin I (father), Christiana (Mother), Carol II (uncle), Paul I of Greece (uncle), Luc (husband), Anira (daughter), Sofia Popeşcu (sister), Christiana (sister)
Personal Arms
Elana arms.jpg

Eleni I (born 1969) is the current monarch of Muntenia, the daughter of King Constantin I. She left that land with her parents in 1973 and did not return until 1990 at age thirty one. For much of her life she had to live surrounded by bodyguards, fearful of Snorist assassins.

After the SNORists had been overthrown and the old monarchy had been restored, the oldest child of former king Constantin I, Elena was now crowned as queen Elena I in March 1990. She was later the same year present at the historic meeting in Braşov where representatives of the three Romanian nations gathered to officially sign the papers for the establishment of the Romanian Federation on 1 November 1990, a day that ever since is the national day of the Romanian Federation and a national holiday in all three constituent nations.

Her husband is Luc de Mersdon (born 1970) of Xliponia. They were wed quite young, in 1989, prior to the Cuza Restoration. Their only child is a daughter, Anira (born 1993), named for Saint Anira. Some elements within Muntenia look askance at the Prince Consort, in the belief he displays an "unwelcome influence" over his wife. Some within the kingdom openly seek to enact a version of Salic law in order to bar Princess Anira from the succession.

Preceded by:
Gheorghe I
Flag muntenia royal5.jpg
Queen of Muntenia
Succeeded by:
Under dispute