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Constantin I
Constantin I
Title: King of Muntenia
Predecessor: Carol II
Successor: Gheorghe Milţeanu
Birth: 1929
Death: 1981
Profession: Royalty
Political Party: none
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Family Carol (brother), Christiana (wife), Elena I (daughter), Sofia (daughter), Christiana (daughter)

Constantin of Muntenia (1929-1981) was the King of that country. He was the second son and last surviving child of King Carol I.

Constantin came to be a rather passive king, not seen doing much else except for the ceremonial duties expected of him. The regime made good use of him as a front figure easy to control and Constantin himself did not seem to care much as long as he had his privileges received.

Milţeanu was developing an ever growing belief in his own greatness and was starting ever more daring projects to develop Muntenia into the supernation he wanted to see. The existence of the king bothered him however. Even if the king had no actual power, he still did not like to see anybody appearing in the front beside of himself. In 1973 he therefore forced the king to leave the throne, while actually crowning himself as king Gheorghe I. The former king, Constantin soon fled the country in fear of his life.

In 1965, Constantin married Christiana Oldenburg (born 1939), younger sister of King Paul I of Greece. Their daughter Elena was born in 1969 and grew up in exile. Their other two daughters, Sofia and Christiana, were born in exile.

Preceded by:
'Carol II'
Flag muntenia snor4.jpg
King of Muntenia
Succeeded by:
'Gheorghe Milţeanu'