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Carol II
Carol ii muntenia.jpg
Title: King of Muntenia
Predecessor: Carol I
Successor: Constantin I
Birth: 1922
Death: 1951
Profession: Royalty
Political Party: none
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Family Carol (father), Constantin (brother)

Carol II (1922-1951) was King of Muntenia, the eldest of two sons of Carol I. Unusually, he never married despite many negotiations with various royal and noble families in Europe. He was reputed to have a long-term mistress to whom he remained devoted.

The popularity of the king had always been very strong with the people and the regime did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this. In the propaganda images of the king or the royal family or associations to regent were frequently appearing and the king was often invited to take part in meetings and much of the official activities of the regime. King Carol II himself was however not very impressed by the SNORists and is quoted to already in the early years of SNOR-ism having said "A dark cloud has fallen over Muntenia".

When the king passed away in August 1951, a grand ceremony was staged by the regime and an equally spectacular ceremony was then held when Constantin, his heir, was crowned as king Constantin I. Even today the circumstances around Carols death are however not all clear and wide speculations are still circulating today, suggesting that maybe the cause was not really that natural as the official statement said.

Preceded by:
Carol I
Flag muntenia royal5.jpg
King of Muntenia
Succeeded by:
'Constantin I'