Christiana Oldenburg

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Christiana Oldenburg
Portrait No portrait.jpg
Title: Queen Consort of Muntenia
Birth: 1939
Profession: Royalty
Political Party: none
Relgious Affiliation: Eastern Orthodox
Family Carol II (brother-in-law), Constantin I (husband), Elena I (daughter), King Paul I of Greece (brother)
Personal arms
Queen christiana arms.jpg

Christiana Oldenburg (born 1939) was the younger sister of King Paul I of Greece as well as the wife/queen of King Constantin I of Muntenia. There was a certain amount of controversy over her usage of the name "Oldenburg" because traditionally her house does not use a family name as such. Her reason for doing so was, she said, to "fit more easily into the modern era." That she decided to wed the monarch of a SNOR-ist kingdom was a further source of controversy. Many within both Greece and the Scandinavian Realm criticized her roundly for this decision.

She and Constantin met while he was making a series of official visits to nations in South East Europe while the Heir Apparent. This was immediately following the Second Great War. The two continued to correspond and visit one another for over a decade, becoming (in his words) "the most close and devout of friends to each others' heart." Her wedding was in 1965 and their daughter Elena was born in 1969. They all fled the country in 1973. Most of the following years between then and the Restoration were spent in Xliponia where she bore two further daughter before Constantin's death.

Many commentators believe Elena I's independent streak to be a result of her mother's example and influence.