Sofia Popeşcu

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Princess Sofia, Countess Popeşcu
Portrait No portrait.jpg
Title: Princess of Muntenia, Countess Popeşcu
Birth: 1980
Death: Not applicable
Profession: Royalty, Journalism student
Political Party: None
Religious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Personal Arms
Sofia arms.jpg

Sofia Popeşcu (born 1980) is the second daughter of Constantin I, King of Muntenia, and eldest sister of Elena I, Queen of that land. She was born in Xliponia and returned to her family's homeland in the wake of the Restoration. Officially her title is "Princess."

Princess Sofia studied to be a journalist and got a degree. She never pursued this as a career, however.

In 2001 she married Naval Lieutenant Razvan Filipescu Popeşcu (born 1977), who has since advanced to the rank of Captain. He is the son of Admiral Filip Popescu (1948-1999), who was forcibly retired by Gheorghe Milţeanu then reinstated after the Restoration, and the nephew of Deputy Nicodim Popescu. Their wedding was a huge event in the Kingdom and Romania as a whole, with the young man receiving the title "Count".

The couple had their first child, a boy named Filip, in 2005. Some elements in Muntenian politics favor passing over Crown Princess Anira in favor of either Sofia or the young Filip. She and her husband have refused to even discuss the issue publicly. Rumors abound in Romania that she favors the idea, or that her husband Count Popeşcu does, or that his family--a widespread and ambitious one of minor boyars--are pressuring the couple to advance the notion.