Aurel II

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Aurel II
Aurel II.jpg
Title: King of Moldova
Predecessor: Petru II
Successor: Incumbent
Birth: November 15, 1991
Profession: Royalty
Political Party: None
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Family Nadia Ivanova (mother), Prince Igor Nicolescu (cousin)
Personal Arms
Moldova royal arms.jpg

Aurel II (born 1991) , aka Aurel Bragança-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, is the youthful King of Moldova, the only son of his predecessor. He was named after his grandfather. Young King Aurel was raised by his mother and a state-approved Board of Governors whose membership fluctuated considerably over the years. He took the throne in his own right in 2012, as scheduled, when he turned twenty-one years of age. In his young adulthood, he was tutored privately and attended a military academy. His official duties were mostly ceremonial in nature, keeping him in the public eye.

Young Aurel is very pale, with extremely light blond hair which has led to the rumor that he is an albino (like his late cousin Simeon, Pretender to the Oltenian throne) who wears makeup and hair dye. The young King has been photographed many times swimming in nothing but a bathing outfit, in part to dispel this rumor. In general it is believed by many that he is in frail health. Others insist he is healthy, but not particularly athletic. In his teens, the King's hair turned dark which is widely believed to be dying his hair, although officially this change is said to be the result of aging and puberty.

Official accounts report that he is a good student, with an affinity for science. At public engagements, he speaks in a low voice and seems quiet.

The Istrian Democratic Assembly has maintained a government-in-exile in Moldova since 2002 under the protection of the then-eleven-year-old King Aurel II, who extended the offer as something of an act of youthful rebellion against his Regent. No sovereign nations, including Moldova, recognize the government, although a few do send limited support. A small handful of individual Italian states officially consider the IDA in Moldova to be the legitimate government of Istria, but such recognition is largely symbolic and has done little to convince Italy as a whole to make that step. Now seventeen, King Aurel remains on good terms with his Istrian guests, who continue to support nationalist agitation in Istria and Croatia.

Preceded by:
'Petru II'
King of Moldova
Succeeded by:
Current Holder