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The Mile High Set refers to a certain group or groups of well-off people--almost all of them young, rich, famous or some combination--who became associated with a certain degree of decadence. The name refers to the fact that in the 1960s and 1970s passenger airships began to increase in size and range. Older vessels of the same kind began to be retired, but a few entrepreneus (mostly in Europe and North America) got the idea of purchasing these ships and transforming them into nightclubs. Individual "voyages" of these airships were never very long, but that wasn't the point. Usually they would at most simply circle a given landmark several times. But the nightclub/airships were very luxurious and affording something of a special thrill by taking their patrons higher than the tallest skyscrapers.

By the 1980s, literally dozens of such airships were in service, some purpose-built, and the most exclusive of them tailored only to the most glamorous of persons. Movie stars, younger sons and daughter of nobility, heirs and heiresses of the richest families as well as the occassional victim/subject of a really juicy scandal became the royalty of these "Mile High Clubs" (which, as with most such details, was an exageration).

Rumors of rampant drug use, orgies, SNOR-ist spy rings and bizarre cults among the Mile High Set are the meat of many tabloid newspapers the world over. Individuals said to be members of this group include such glamorous figures as Philly Gore, Portia Moon, Nicolae Vladescu Vlas-Florea, his cousin Nicola Vlas-Florea, singer/actress Angelita Diaz, Alexandra, Duchess of Sparta and others.