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North America's History, compared to *here* is fraught with war and strife. Without the 'stabilizing' influence of the United States of America and Canada, the region is frequently embroiled in cold, if not open wars. Recently it seems that we are moving into a more peaceful period with the Deposition of the Bush Brothers.

The NAL-SLC is more than happy to let Louisianne and Deseret serve as buffers between the squabbling siblings of Tejas and Alta California, while Louisianne has until recently been forced to play these two against each other in interest of her own preservation. Florida seems pacified, however Cuba by all accounts is a smouldering powder keg, ready to embroil the region in strife, should the right spark come. Montrei takes a position of neutrality most times, and remains a quiet area in a region where conflict is common.

Oregon and Alyaska remain quiet neighbors to the north, rarely causing headlines.


These nations and entites are found in North America and the Carribean.

Historical map

Map of North America, 1750

NB: Conflicting land claims existed for those sections marked as Terra Incognita, however, as no official exploration had been carried out, there were no claims recognized internationally.