East Caribbean Province

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East Caribbean Province

The East Caribbean Province consists of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands -- a portion of the great Antilles Archipelago, a chain of islands that stretch from Venezola on the northern coast of South America up to the NAL-SLC on the eastern coast of North America. As the name suggests, this province consists of the eastern half of the Antilles. The province is jointly governed by England and Scotland, in a variety of territorial forms of government. All of the Scottish territories are crown colonies, governed from Edinbro; most of the English territory consists of overseas territories of the English Realm, having been made counties of England in the early 20th century.

Leeward Islands


A Scottish crown colony.


A Scottish crown colony.


A Scottish crown colony.

Saint Kitts & Nevis

An English crown colony.


Formerly a heavily Irish Kemrese colony, it later voted by referendum to become an overseas territory of Ireland. Unlike Ireland itself, which is simply an associate member of the Commonwealth, Montserrat has full membership independent of the rest of Ireland.

Windward Islands


A Scottish crown colony.

Saint Lucia

An overseas territory of the English Realm (a riding of Barbadoes County).

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

An overseas territory of the English Realm (a riding of Barbadoes County).


An overseas territory of the English Realm (a county).


An overseas territory of the English Kingdom (a county).

Trinidad & Tobago

An overseas territory of the English Realm (the islands comprise two counties). During the 2004 War of the Grand Coalition, which ended Floridian dominance in the region and restored regional territories to their rightful places in the world community, the smallish Kingdom of Latvia, in a spirit of considerable snubbery, invaded and claimed the English county of Tobago, a part of the East Caribbean Province, and occupied it as a colonial territory. (See this article for information on the Latvian claim. Though the claim centers on the supposed fact that no other nation (i.e., England) came back to reclaim the territory, the continual presence of duly elected English officials (both in exile and in the county during the Floridian occupation) as well as English special forces during the war and since seem to have escaped the notice of the home government of Latvia.

As of April 2004, the Government in London had yet to settle on a policy regarding this state of affairs, though would naturally prefer to avoid an open war with Latvia. Undoubtedly, the people of Tobago through their justly elected government will have the final say in the matter.

In April and May of 2004, talks with the government of Latvia ended in stalemate; English special forces disembark on the island and secure outlying villages and townships. In May, irate English citizens themselves march on the county seat, compelling the Latvians to give over. By the 15th of the month, the Latvian government is forced to capitulate and all remaining county offices are liberated by English forces. Latvian "colonists" and government officials are airlifted to the custody of a waiting Latvian cruise ship. Surely, this episode was one of the most unusual in the region's history!

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