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Tearnasseth Chombedhrad an Ynysseth hArvorec
The Confederated Kingdoms of the Armorican Isles
Conventional short name:
Local: An Ynysseth hArvorec
English: The Armorican Isles, Armorica
Flag of Armorica
National motto: Crabedun Bivon Delgomos.
 Official: Arvorec
 Others: Portuguese, Normand
 Capital: Landrewan and Porthbelen
 Other: Cavylthon, Porth Bychan, Hygelchon
King of Ceasaer: Caradoc IX
King of Saern: Rodry IV
Tywysoc: Carnac ap Morgan
Population: 155848 (2004) Arvorec, Armorican
Independence: from England
 Declared: 1066
 Recognized: 1068
Currency: EF livre (known locally as the denaer
Organizations: Commonwealth

The Armorican Isles are a group of islands off the coast of Normandy, France, in the British Sea. They comprise two separate kingdoms: Tearnas Ceasaer and Tearnas Saern.


The Armorican political system has been variously described as "constitutional communism", "Celtic communism" and "modern tribal democracy". The last term is probably the most accurate, as the system is the modern development of the ancient Celtic tribal system, influenced by ideas from modern Western representative democracy and the ecotopic movement. There is little clear division into legislative and executive branches, and public participation is common at all levels.


Tourism is the major industry in the smaller islands (with some agriculture). Ceasaer and Saern have, since the 1960s, relied on financial services. Saern's horticultural and glasshouse activities have been more significant than in Ceasaer, and Saern and Rydon have maintained light industry as a higher proportion of its economy than Ceasaer. Ceasaer's economy, since the 1980s, has been substantially more reliant on finance.

Cultural Miscellanea

Victor Hugo spent many years in exile, first in Ceasaer and then in Saern where he wrote Les Misérables. Saern is also the setting of Hugo's later novel, Les travailleurs de la mer (The Toilers of the Sea).

The annual Muratti, the inter-island football match, is considered the sporting event of the year - although, thanks to media coverage, it no longer attracts the crowds of spectators travelling between the islands that occurred during the 20th century.

Armorican sportsmen and women compete in the Commonwealth Games for their own island, and the islands have been enthusiastic supporters of the Island Games. Shooting is a popular sport; islanders have won Commonwealth medals in this discipline.

Tearnas Saern's traditional colour for sporting and other purposes is green, and that of Tearnas Ceasaer is red.


Arvorec is the main language of the Isles, although there is a significant Portuguese-speaking minority on Ceasaer, principally in Landrewan.


The majority religion of the Isles is Cravethism, although there is a substantial minority (forming just under 30% of the population) of British rite Catholics. The Portuguese minority, of course, are generally Isidorian rite Catholics.

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