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In addition to the main islands- Ceasaer, Saern, Rydon and Serch, several other smaller islands also form part of the Armorican Isles.


Bâreyn is a small island located about one mile to the north-west of Rydon. It is inhabited by only two families, all of whom are fisherpeople.


Brychaen is one of the smallest of the Armorican Isles. The island is approximately 160 acres and lies to the west of Serch.


Caethw is a small island that is part of Teyrnas Saern. The island is immediately south of Gosaera and has an area of approximately 180,000 m² (44 acres). It is said that in 709 a storm washed away the strip of land which connected the island with Gosaera. Puffins can be seen swimming off the rocks around Caethw.


The Casaereth are a group of rocks about eight miles northwest of Rydon. They are uninhabited save the crew of the Casaereth Lighthouse.

The first lighthouses started operation on October 30, 1724, and were three towers lit by coal fires called An Bardh, An Gwaed and An Dryw. Three stone towers were built to give the lights a distinctive appearance which would not be confused with lighthouses on nearby France. The towers were built by Tomos ap Yaryn, owner of the rocks, at the behest of the Seanad Ynyad.

They were converted to oil lamps with metal reflectors which were first used on November 25, 1790; and upgraded again with apparatus to rotate a beam of light in 1818. This had a clockwork mechanism which was wound up every hour and a half and gave one flash every 15 seconds.

The lighthouses were badly damaged and the lanterns smashed in a severe storm on October 31, 1823. The towers were raised by a further 30 feet in 1854, and equipped with 184,000 candlepower lamps which gave three slow flashes every half minute. In 1877 An Gwaed was raised again and the lights in the other two towers discontinued.


Ynys Lárec

Ynys Lárec is a tidal island located to the west of Saern. At low tide the two islands are connected by a causeway. Its only inhabitants are the druidic community at the Nevyd Talchan, which is also the residence of the Archdruid. Legend states that Ynys Lârec was where Talchan the Druid first set foot in the Isles.

Ynysseth Ysceyr

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