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Deiniol Jones
Name in Brithenig: Deiniol ffeil Ioan
Name in Kerno: Daniow Jowanes
Name in Arvorec: Daenyl ab Yowan
Name in Wenedyk: Daniół Żowanu
 Date: October 7, 1983
 Place: Pluidudno, Kemr
Place of residence: Aberrivelles, Dumnonia
Profession: Underwriting Technical Advisor
Natural languages: (with varying degrees of proficiency)
Welsh, English, Cornish, German, French, Latin, Italian, Romanian
Constructed languages: (in alphabetical order)
Arvorec, Aredos, Carashán, Norreyna, Tailanca
Interests: (in order of geekiness)
languages, constructed languages, history, alternate history, the minutiae of general insurance underwriting,

Caretaker in General of Armorica, Elaeneth, the Samonios Islands and Helvetia, number 12 on the The List and general pagan ffuded.

Anti-Spam League Rosette.

A member of the Anti-Spam League, Wielder of the Sword of Spam, the Helmet of Vikings, and Preparer of the Bernaise Offensive.

Things to do: