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The List is the roll of all the Members of Lla Societad dill Bethisad and is considered as writ in non-erodable stone. It describes who's who and who is in charge of what. Older Members tend to be those who had staked out a physical territory and/or an invented language. Many, especially newer Members find themselves in charge of concepts more than specific locations. Most older Members have also looked into concepts as well. I think this is starting to provide needed depth to the project. The project is no longer just a list of countries. We're starting to see what they're up to and what they're thinking and believing in as well. A very Good Thing indeed!

Even though a particular Member might have claimed an especial country, this does not mean that he "owns" it exclusively. Others may seek to contribute ideas or offer to collaborate. Still others may seek to work on a territory laid aside by an inactive or less active Member.

Much of IB is still unknown: there is still a lot of room, not so much for new countries as for the undiscovered landscapes of politics, art, culture and the like.

Ill Bethisad has been a going concern since November 1997 (when it was known as the Brithenig Project) and has accrued eleventy-six Members. Of course, not everyone who started with us is still around -- people's interests wax and wane, while others have only stopped by for a quick cup o tea before moving on.

Location of members

Membership is based on willingness to play amicably in Andrew's Sandbox - Ill Bethisad - an imaginary world akin to the primary world. Members need only the desire to take up a region of the world and populate it with their own invented cultures and languages, taking into account the general outline of history as it stands and working within the principal of w gegraphotai gegraphotai / quod scripsi scripsi. While Andrew Smith's Brithenig language and the country it lives in are a bit older, dating back to the early to mid 1990s, Ill Bethisad (or the Brithenig Project as it was known early on) as a communal project really got going in late 1997 and early 1998.

Members are required to pay a £6/-/- annual fee, wear ceremonial robes and tricorn hats to all official functions and must above all else bring their imaginations to bear in the project. The Annual Semiannual Tertuil lla Societad, or Society Dinner is held quarterly. Nonpayment of Membership Dues will result in the hiring of a Helvetian chef yet again. This is a threat!

The List is arranged mythochronologically. If there's an obvious discrepancy, kindly fix. When inserting overlooked names, or deleting accidental duplicates, we generally do not change the subsequent numbering; these engraved Membership Plaques don't grow on trees, after all. These occasional corrections are why some numbers appear twice (with a clarifying "a"), while others are skipped. The typical information found in any given entry is the Member's name, Brithenig pseudonym if applicable, pertinent honorifics, and in brackets []: activity status, month and year of membership, activity on the Sessiwn, invented language in italics, chief territory of interest, default territories or cooperative territories, and finally any other area of particular interest such as mapmaking or detailing of technological aspects of life.

Many Members are quite active geopoets and language inventors outside of IB; only their IB related interests are noted here. Kindly refer to Sprongs Peerage for other pertinents.

A denotes "active Member";

C denotes "candidate Member" -- someone who seems likely to hang around as a positive contributor to the project, who after a time will be made a regular Member;

D indicates Defender of Ill Bethisad, member of the Anti-Spam League.

H indicates an honorary member, a status granted for certain special circumstances, like the anti-spam warriors on the old wiki;

I denotes "inactive Member", i.e., someone who might still maintain an IB related conlang or conculture page but does not actively participate in day to day discussions;

O denotes "occasional contributor", i.e., someone who offered a single idea or helped with a couple areas and then withdrew from activity; also someone who pops in occasionally

R denotes "retired Member", i.e., one who has more or less permanently withdrawn from the project;

S indicates member of the reconstituted Sessiwn;

W indicates a Member who is actively a member of the Order of the Tireless Wikiwardens

F indicates a Member who is active at ill Pub New the Societad's pub of preference, Face Book (just head down the lane and turn right at the pub, it's first pub on the left, after the pub).


1. Andrew Smith (Andrew Ffereir), Ilum. Emer. [A, X-97(96)/S, D, F]: Originator of Ill Bethisad and Magister Emeritus, originator and overseer of the Sessiwn New: Brithenig; Rheon Kemr; Brewmaster at ill Pub New

2. Ray Brown (Rhaifun Bryn) [R, XI-97(96)]: Indispensible Linguistic Counsellor Emeritus

3. John Cowan (Iewan Llewan), D.Om., Ilum. Emer. [R, (III-98(96)), V-05/S]: Indispensible Cultural, Historical and Political Counsellor Emeritus; Piat; Piatland

3a. Martin Bertagnon [R]: interested bystander

4. Padraic Brown (Padrig Bryn), Ilum. [R, X-97/S]: formerly Kerno; Brehonecq, Angli; Ex-Overseer General; numismatics; religions

5. Peter C. Skye (Pedr Skye) [R, X-97]: Kemran New; Kemr New

6. John Schilke (Jowan Sellches) [R, XI-97]: early correspondant

7. Xénia Élodie Coutière (n.d.p. Frank George Váloczy (Ffrencisc Geory Valoczy)) [A, IV-98]: Brzoneg (lost), Dalmatika; Dalmatia; Austria, Hungary, Greece, Balkans and Dalmatian Africa; Tesla technologies, railroads and military technology, Flags of Ill Bethisad

8. Sally Caves (Sarra la Cawurn) [R, IV-98/S]: fan of Kemr and Brithenig in general and all things Dumnonian; Asker of Questions.

9. Geoff Eddy (Jeuffroy Eddy) [R, IV-98]: Breathanach; Scotland, easternmost Ulladh (Ulster) (*11)

10. Dave Joll (David Giol) [R(O), VII-98]: philately, numismatics

11. Douglas Mosier [R, X-98]: fan of the Brithenig language

12. Dan Jones (Deiniol ffeil Ioan) [R, III-00/S, D]: Arvorec; An Ynysaw hArvorec (Channel Islands), Aevanick Isles (Falklands); Helvetia

13. Damon Lord (Dafon y Ddon) [R, IV-00/S]: Wessisc; Isle of Wight

14. Jörg Rheimeier (Geory Rhimaer) [R, (VIII-00) IIII-05/S]: (formerly Nur-Ellen in eastern Kemr)

15. Barry García [A, III-01/F]: Montreiano; Montrei and Alta California; Pacific Rim

16. Christophe "Maggelity" Grandsire [A, III-01, S, F]: Narbonósc; France (apart from Brittany), Saugeais, Batavian Kingdom, the Low Countries; Gentleman Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at ill Pub New

17. Daniel Andréasson [R, III-01]: Seimi

18. Steg Belsky [A, III-01, F]: Judaica; Mueva Sefarad and the Middle East

19. Marc Pasquin [A, IV-01/F]: Laurentien; Nouvelle Francie; Australasia (Commonwealth of Nations); Hayti, Dominica; France (apart from Brittany), Saugeais; Master of Propaganda, Artificer of Fantastic Images, Flags & Heraldry

20. Carlos Thompson [A, V-01/F]: all South America; IB Factbook

21. Keith Gaughan (Cuid Gaftheachain or Cíat Ó Gaibhtheachaín in the A.E.) [I, V-01/S]: Ireland; Irish Territories in Australasia, Montserrat; computer technology

22. Wayne Chevrier [R, IX-01]: Peoples Ecotopic Republic of Oregon, Soviet Republic of Alaska

23. Joe Hill [R, XI-02]: Lessinu; Nauru in the south seas, China, Thuringia (HRE), Chuktotka, England; creator of the the Original though Now Defunct IB Wiki

24. Jan van Steenbergen (Jan I), Ilum. [A, XI-02/S, D, F]: Wenedyk, Hattic, Vozgian; Republic of the Two Crowns, Russia, Batavian Kingdom; Overseer of all Eastern Europe, Holy Roman Empire; Relay Master; Comptroller of Things To Be Controlled at ill Pub New

25. Benct P. Jonsson (Bendith Lloan or Benjedjec Ivanjec) [I, XI-02]: Hungary, Silvania, India; Romanisation of Asian Languages

26. Jan Havliš (Jan II) [R, XI-02]: Nassian, Bohemian; Nassland, Kingdom of Bohemia

27. Kristian Jensen [I, XI-02/D]: Scandinavian Realm; Philippines, Holy Roman Empire; matters colonial, historical & scientific

28. Roger Mills [R, XI-02]: Indonesia

29. Daniel "le Francais" Hicken, Ilum. [A, XII-02, F]: Louisianne, Deseret; Hayti, Dominica; France (apart from Brittany), Saugeais; religion (esp. Mormonism); First Master of the Bar at ill Pub New

30. Christian Thalmann [A, XII-02, F]: Jovian; High Kingdom of Jervaine; Holy Roman Empire

31. Pavel Iosad [R, I-03/S]: Manoeg; Isle of Man, Belarus

32. Hanuman Czhang [R, II-03], Doc. Musicae in Extremis: Canton, China; matters musical, whimsical and farcical [Keep him away from the drums if you don't have an aspirin handy!]

33. Tristan McLeay [R(O), VIII-03]: Feytish; Schlesswig-Holstein, Holy Roman Empire

34. Anthony Rodlox [I, VIII-03]: Moghul; Afghanopakistan, Scythia

35. Nikhil Sinha [R(O), IX-03]: India

36. Jesse Bangs [R, X-03]: Costanice; Nea Illenicia (in South America)

37. J. Santeri Junttila (Jan III) [R, II-04]: Curonia (Cursish ethnic group of southern Kingdom of Finland)

38. Christina Taylor (n.d.p. Nik Taylor) [A, IV-04/D]: Empire of Japan, Florida

39. Don Luigi Decameron [R, V-04]: Republic of Lombardy, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

40. Jefferson Wilson [I, VI-04]: Malta

41. Wesley Parish [R, I-05]: alt-fictional Maori-Portuguese Creole; "Portuguese Aotearoa" -- an IB historical what-if

42. Luk Mees (aka Renier I van Brabant) [R(O), II-05]: Batavian Kingdom in the Low Countries

43. Piedro Aillard [H, R, I-05/D]: honorary member

44. Muke Tever [H, II-05]: Wikimeister

45. Habarakhe Theophilus (Marcus Miles) [I, II-05/S]: Lybia

46. Ronald Kyrmse [A, IIII-05, F]: Xliponian, Kingdom of Sleponia (Xliponia); Lusoamerican Union

46a. Tom Chappel [H, R, V-05]: Frequent collaborator and commentator

47. General Kim Tiu [I(O), VIIJ-05]: military affairs, uniforms, insignia

48. Augustinas Žemaitis (Abdul "Lietuvos" Aziz) [I, VIIJ-05]: Lithu2ania; Campio Wikiensis

49. Dr. Zahir Al Daoud "the Blue" [A, IX-05, F]: NAL-SLC; XX and XXI century popular culture; NAL military affairs.

50. Jack "The Banisher" Erskine [H, R, XI-05]: spammophage

51. Felix Gelman (Lord Ziba) [R, XI-05]: military matters

52. Justin C. Canon [H, R, XI-05]: Contributed the idea of Castaways in the Antarctic Ocean

53. Richard Lisker [R, I, XII-05]: Romanian Federation

54. Llywelyn "Sikulu" Jones [R, XII-05]: Asker of Questions, Speirer o Inquiries; Pop Culture Maven

55. Duane Runa Mysteriades [R, XII-05]: the Felipese of Tejas and Mejico

56. Quentin "Ipsissimus" Smith [R, II-06]: Many and Varied his Talents, Wanderer, Maker in Tangents!

57. Follow by White Rabbit [R, I-06]: media in the RTC, extraterrestrial phenomena

58. Pedro Moderno [A, III-06, W]: the Middle East, automotive industry, zone rock

59. Javier "Guru" the Chilean [R, III-06]: ideas for Stalin

60. Piotr Konieczny [R, O, III-06]: the RTC

61. "Sectori" [R, V-06]: Elbian

62. Seth Parsons [R, XII-05]: Republica Conchesa, Grand Fenwick

63. Colin Richardson [R, I, II-07]: Papua

64. Peter Ara Guekguezian [R, I, III-07]: Cilicia

65. Michael O'Shaughnessy [R, O, III-07]: Celto-Moorish Islam (with Elemtilas)

65a. Schlock Junkie [R, O, VIJ-07]: 19th century European history

66. Ben Carnehl (Bengiamin a Cornouaille) [A, VIIIJ-07, F]: Parra; Crimea, Henua, Tokelau, Ouisconsin; Master of Keys and Taps at ill Pub New

67. Phil Hahn, aka "Listmeister" [R, XII-07]: Aquashinuonigy

68. Hugo Reedgillibrand [R, O, IIIJ-08]: Istria

69. Κωνσταντίνος Ευβοιώτης, Ioannis Leganopolous, "Mister Konstantinos Xeight" [A, V-08, F, W]: All Things Greece; Many Things Elsewhere; Order of the Tireless Wikiwardens

70. Geof Turner [R, VI-08]: Daitsch, Emisc, Hanover

71. Geoff Horswood [I, VI-08]: InterTurkic, Sogdo script; Turkestan, Uyguristan; Tejas

72. Smallfry [R, O, VIII-08]: Aviation

73. Rev. Ezekiel Hcarfn Fordsmender [R, O, XII-08]: Jacobia counties

74. Thomash K "Mohatma" [R, O, I-09]: Ruthenians

75. Rev. Charlie Brickner [A, I-09, F]: Athonite; Mount Athos; Tawantinsuyu; Chile; the seven Himalayan Nations; Awad, Punjab; St. Catherine Monastery; Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanganyika, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique

76. John Pfeiffer [R, IIJ-09 upon the New Year]: Tejas

77. Calvin Case (Kalfinus Astyd), the Rejuvenator [A, VIJ-15]: All Things of Interest

79. Piotr Urbanski [A, VIIJ-14, F]

80. Matt Mitrovich, The Alternate Historian [A, X-14, F]: chronicler and fan of Ill Bethisad

81. Tom Dengler [A, XIJ-14, F]

82. Frederic Bayer [A, IIII-15, F]

83. Wrik Chatterjee [A, IV-15, F]

84. Juan Martin Velez Linares [R, VIIIJ-15, F] (former pages of pop culture and history)

85. Rebecca Stirling [A, X-15, F]

86. Carlitos Tado [A, X-15, F]

87. Gwen Jones (Gwen ffeil Ioan) [A, XI-15, F]: Adept at Brithenig and other things conlinguistic; politics

88. Julia Lu [A, IX-16, F]

89. Carlo Vaiacer [A, XI-16, F]

91. Nate Lyons [A, VIIJ-17, F]

92. Kuba Naglik [A, IX-17, F]

94. Tomasz Haintze [A, X-17, F]

95. Miguel Pérez-Glassner [A, XIJ-17, F]

96. João Pedro Ribeiro Pena [A, I-18, F]

97. Julian Fejzo [A, IIJ-18, F]: Summarist of "Ill Bethisad and Its Conlangs"

98. Auza Thunraz [A, X-17, F]

99. Slobodan Gluščević [A, X-18, F]

100. Rocco Romani [A, X-18, F]

101. Pedro Carvalho [A, X-18, F]

102. Patrick Skeffington [A, X-18, F]

103. Mikołaj Dębiec [A, X-18, F]: IB modification to the electrogame "Llo chor di ffer"

104. Andrew Morris [A, X-18, F]

104a. Damir Domazet [A, XII-18, F]: Dalmatian vexillology

105. Іра Піхур [A, I-19, F]

106. Diogo Coimbra [A, I-19, F]

107. Michał Kucharski [A, I-19, F]

108. Aleksandra Karabinowska [A, IJ-19, F]

109. Hari Tsivlin [A, IJ-19, F]

110. Cory Albrecht [A, IIIJ-19, F]

111. Luna Gordon [A, IIIJ-19, F]

112. Ljubomir Petrovic [A, IV-19, F]

113. Александр Запрягаев [A, V-19, F]: Literature

114. Anna Weesner [A, V-19, F]

115. Byeong-hui Jang [A, V-19, F]

116. Abhiram "Shinobhi" İlindra [A, X-19, F]: The Dharmic religions, Yamamotogutxi

117. Keith D. Halperin [A, II-20, F]

118. Jan Škrob [A, IIIJ-20, F]: Baliaru; the Balearic Islands

119. Miguel Medina Dovgan [A, IIIJ-20, F]: Economics and technology 120. Lex [A, X-2018] (aka AElfwine)