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The Anti-Spam League Rosette.

An most holy order of members of Lla Societad dill Bethisad, recognized by their pink brocade upon the left shoulder of their Society Robes and red feather in their Tricorn Caps. Membership costs an additional £1/-/- for the Rosette, and is a non-renewed fee. One must also be a member of Lla Societad.

This group is charged with protection of Ill Bethisad from the vileness of the internet and those spammers who won't get a hint.

Fortunately, with the recent Move of the Wiki, the ASL is able to relax. But, they remain prepared to take up their sacred duty, should it prove necessary again.

Membership includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Andrew Smith, The Mind of god, Epithetical Lasher and Wiper of Filth, Parain of Ivan Kuskov.
  • Jan van Steenbergen, Regent of Ivan Kuskov, Magistrate of Deletion, Arbiter of Sanitation, and protector of all that is Batavian.
  • Kristian Jensen, Viking of the Northern Reach, Raja of Australesian Link Freedom, Pillager of Spam, Conquistador of Intruders and Longshipsman of Reversion.
  • Nik Taylor, Keeper of the Cleansing Wand and Holder of the Keys of Yakuza to be weilded against the unholy Spam Artists of the universe.
  • Daniel Hicken, Latinate Cleanser of Ibid, Stasher of the Knowledge and Keeper of the Sanity.
  • Dr. David Zahir Guard of the Gate, Pikeman of Help, Righter of Wrongs.
  • Deiniol Jones Wielder of the Sword of Spam, the Helmet of Vikings, and Preparer of the Bernaise Offensive.

Honorary members include:

These will be granted some official capacity if they choose to be a member. There is the cost of an additional £1/-/- for the Anti-Spam rosette, however there is no addition to the yearly Lla Societad dill Bethisad fees.