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Daniel Hicken
Name in Brithenig: Deiniol Carthoreffig
Name in Francien: Daniel Saint-Julien
Name in Wenedyk: Daniół Siątiy-Julan
Nicknames & aliases: BoArthur, BoLingua, Cartographicus
 Date: April 13, 1978
 Place: Rexburg, Oregon
Place of residence: Ciudad Saratoga, Deseret
Profession: Student
Natural languages: (in order of proficiency)
English, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian
Constructed languages: Biloxien, Vissi
Times Vandalized: 3
Techno, House, Electronica, Classical Music, languages, constructed languages, history, alternate history, LDS Religion.
Anti-Spam League Rosette.

Number 29 on the list, resident of Deseret, citizen of Louisianne. Commonly known as Daniel Hicken, sometimes referred to as Cartographicus. Iluminatus: watching over the integrity of the All, maintaining the shi of Ill Bethisad, tweaking the yin and yang. Lord of Instrumentality, Overseer of Louisianne, Deseret, Yemen, Hayti, Azores, ATOE, Nam Viet, and all things Cartographical, and Regent of the Unclaimed Regions of the Middle East. Recently named the Plenipotentiary and chargé d'affaires of the Waddeneilanden in the Batavian Kingdom. BoArthur is the Co-Regent of France with Marc Pasquin. Dan is also named Rejuvenator: one of the tireless ones, ever tweaking and tidying and updating articles here, there and everywhere!
Member of the Anti-Spam League, Latinate Cleanser of Ibid, Stasher of the Knowledge and Keeper of the Sanity. Knight of the It'sian Garter.

Savior of the Wiki, with his side kick, Nik.

His friends call him "Dan", but to those who fear him, he is known as The Categorizer, and is feared by lazy wikipedians the web-over.


Louisianne (and all related topics)    • France (with Marc Pasquin)    • Deseret    • Yemen    • Hayti    • Azores    • ATOE    • Nam Viet    • Space Voyage 2245    • Corea
Colonia Solaris    • Lodz    • Frisian Islands Project

To Do List

Create an article about Guy Mollet    • Liederkranz cheese    • Affaire des Tramways, General Motors streetcar conspiracy, Los Angeles Railway, Pacific Electric Railway, National City Lines    • Runestones (North America)using Wikipedia:Heavener_Runestone and Wikipedia:Rune_stones#American_rune_stones    • GIGN (Louisianne)    • Italy MAP NEEDED    • True location of Nea Illenicia    • 1755 War    • ASDUI keyboard diagram.    • Dangel Hickstra    • 1994    • Aryanica    • Seoirse Fferreir    • Dreyfus Affair    • Alan Turing from Alan Turing    • Erwin Schrödinger from Erwin Schrödinger    • Create a Louisiannan Police Force Description Page.    • Work up Charles Maurras    • Adjust Lusoamerican Union Geography section.    • Update European Historical Maps (Aragon, Saugeais, Fenwick)    • Update Louisianne and related to news articles that have been posted!    • Créer une Louisiannan Amerindian Map comme celle-ci (If you want better maps, I can find them for you (east and west US). --Sikulu 01:32, 14 February 2006 (PST))    • Update France Maps per newly discovered info from Christophe.    • Update information on Bretagne and André Bullant    • Update Out-of-Dates map on my geocities page to stem Xliponian lawsuits.    • Louisiannan Election Process    • Write CNEL and BMN Articles.    • Finish organizing, discovering First Presidents of Louisianne.    • FloCar Hist Maps    • Slavery and its after effects in Louisianne    • Corea's Post-War Republic

My Contributions & Collaborations

These are items I've created, added to, or maintain a watchful eye on because they simply interest me.

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