Eugenio Roddenberry

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Eugenio Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Tejas in August 19, 1931. He married his wife, Majel Lee Hudec Roddenberry who was born in Cuyahoga, Aquanishuonigy. Relocating to Les Plaines, and later to Osage, Louisianne, Roddenberry's books, Le Voyage aux Étoilles series was highly popular in Louisianne. This series of books has been rumored to be the reason for Empress Gacudai of Japan's support of a space effort.

With the advent of the space race, the rights were sold by Majel Lee Hudec Roddenberry to a NALian network for development into 'Space Voyage 2245'. As Space Voyage 2245 has become quite the fruitful series, Mme. Roddenberry has brought to light other manuscripts of her late husband for posthumous publication and televising. Some of Mr. Roddenberry's unpublished works have been used in the development of Mariner, the spin-off of SV2245.