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In 2245 the Space Condominium is well established; The Kings of the Universe have given their mandate to a stellar fleet charged with exploration, contact and increasing the peaceable Space Condominium. These Ships of their Universal Majesties sail the stars to fulfill this goal.

The Starmada takes seriously this goal, and is most pleased with their flagship, the Ship of their Universal Majesties Vanguard. This series is the story of the SCC-1314, the SUM Vanguard, her crew, and their voyage through the stars. As is said so clearly by Captain Ellen Spitzer at the start of the first episode:

Space is the last great untamed and unexplored expanse. This is the record of the travels of the SUM Vanguard, as we fulfill our mandate from the Kings of the Universe. Our continuing charge of peace from the Space Condominium is four-fold: To explore fantastic and pristine planets, to search for examples of life heretofore unknown, to welcome new cultures to participate in the Great Condominium, and to travel fearlessly where none have trod before!

The response to this series both in the North American League and other neighboring countries has been so great that they're already filming a movie, Space Voyage 2245: Invasion of the Zmorite Horde. Season Two was to begin shooting a month after the movie wrapped, however, response was so great they filmed Season Two in tandem with the Movie, making the release of the Movie to now coincide with the hiatus between Seasons Two and Three.


The Vanguard Crew are as follows:

Actor Character S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7
Agnetha Norbin Pilot Marie Bouc X X X X X X
Jonas Hagman Chief Medical Officer Hans-Philip Rasmussen X X X X X X X
Akika Takeshita Science Officer Aquico Yamamoto X X X X X
Gil (Gwilliam) Coppinger Engineer James "Jimmy" Dohan X X X X X X
Anton Slewanik Morale Officer Zowan Kryszkot X X X X X X X
Madgelle Bourgogne Captain Ellen Spitzer X X X X X X X
Alexander Rickman Mistelsbog X X X X X X X
Ulla Holmqvist Birgit Vasasdotter X X X X X X X
Louise Beaulieu Dr. Ssaqueanyal X X X X X
Rolf Laſsgoerd Dr. Birko Lundgren X X X
Huáng Yǐzhān Xu Ai Nu X
George LaFarge Chief Engineer Martyn Burton X
Kira de Boer Pilot First-Class Nenette Cherisse X
Miles Meanaugh Chief Scientist Colim O'Briain X
Regular Guests
Aaron de Vrees Kisquilo (Quill) X
Rolf Laſsgoerd Dr. Birko Lundgren X

Dramatis Personnae



  • Aqueans: Natives of Oceanea. On their homeworld, they had never evolved beyond a stone-age level of technology until their contact with humans. They are a hairless race, with webbed feet and hands, and are pacifists, divided into hundreds of small tribes who keep to themselves for the most part. They enthusiastically adopted human technology, and eagerly joined the Condominium. They are a highly intelligent race, and possess an insatiable curiosity. A disproportionate number of the Condominium's top scientists are Aqueans.
  • Humans: All beings descended from Earth. Some humans look poorly on those groups that left Earth and bio-engineered themselves away from the Earth "norm". For the concerns of the Space Condominium, they are all considered human if they share the 23 chromosome pairs, or did, at some point in their evolution.
  • Sagittarians: A bipedal marsupial race, the Sagittarians are Earth's closest allies. Sharing a mammalian unity, the Sagittarians have co-settled a number of worlds with the humans, and get along without any bias.
  • Yrgoans: An elder bipedal race, many humans would feel them to be elvish, with pointy ears and tall and slender statures. They often dismiss the humans as callous and foolhardy. The are allied with the Sagittarians and Humans, but have been known to withdraw into their own space when they feel that the Humans and other races have "muddied the waters" too much. Ages ago, they renounced war and sought a life of logic and contemplation. They are often derogatorily called Worms because their blood is based on hemerythrin, something which some Terran worm species use for oxygen transport.


  • Captain Ellen Spitzer: Commanding Officer of the Vanguard. Has a propensity to sleep with every alien prince and slave-boy. This is, of course not shown, as SV2245 is a family show. Captain Spitzer hails from Les Plaines in the NAL/SLC.
  • Pilot First-Class Marie Bouc: Chief pilot of the Vanguard. A French woman from Lyon. Known for her sarcastic wit, and cutting assessment of the situation at the start of every episode.
  • Chief Medical Officer Hans-Philip Rasmussen: A very animated doctor who marvels at every newly discovered race, animal, plant or even prion. He often becomes so entrenched in medical diatribe that the other characters have to call him back.
  • Chief Scientist Aquico Yamamoto: Stoic buddhist from the Japanese colony of Edo. (until Season Five)
  • Chief Engineer James "Jimmy" Dohan: An Scotchman known for his exaggeration of repairs in non-critical situations and his miraculous completion of repairs in just enough time to save the ship and crew. Jimmy's often referred to as a Magician.
  • Chief Watchman Birgit Vasasdotter: a Scandinavian who oversees all security efforts aboard the Vanguard.
  • Morale Officer Zowan Kryszkot: A witty comic, Zowan doubles as ship's cook, cracking jokes and often falling into various events of physical comedy.
  • Mistelsbog: an Appraiser from the Yrgoans (played by Alexander Rickman). He joins the crew in episode 2, and spends the better part of every succeeding episode decrying everything the crew does and generally muttering, complaints against the crew. By the end of Season Two he seems resigned to his fate.
  • Dr. Ssaqueanyal Mira Eklund : (Season Three) An Aquean scientist who was held hostage by the Zmorites for a time. Upon her escape she joined the crew of the Vanguard. It is Dr. Ssaqueanyal that declares the death of a patient, as her Aquean senses help her sense when the life-force leaves a body. Her "catch-phrase" among Voyagers is "His soul has left, Cap'n" or "Her soul has left, Cap'n".
  • Dr. Birko Lundgren Rolf Laſsgoerd: (Season Four) Joins the crew after the destruction of the the Lundgren Institute on Hoppas VII.
  • Xu Ai Nu (Season Five): The lone survivor of a ship attacked by the Assassins. "Ainu" (as he's called) has fleeting moments of consciousness, but they are increasing as he recovers from his injuries...but who he is and why the Assassins grabbed him in the first place are mysteries.



  • Assassins: The as-yet unseen threat facing the whole of the Space Condominium and space at large.
  • Assessors: Sable-robed entities that appear and disappear at will, possessing powers that could be called god-like, but are more often used to direct the affairs of the galaxy to their own ends, along a plan that they have not disclosed.
  • Beshree: An enigmatic race with power to control the thoughts of humans. While they seem good intentioned their requests and efforts often lead to pain for humankind. Their true intentions have yet to be unmasked, but their presence seems guaranteed on the galactic stage.
  • Calgon: A Space Warrior Race who has always taken affront in their interactions with the Space Condominium.
  • Dzhirona: Space Nomads, foragers and hunter gatherers, like the Roma of Earth. Their homes are asteroids. They have no qualms in invading other race's planets, stations and spaceships, even crashing their own asteroids if there is need to aid them in attaining their desired forage.
  • Monfareen: A deeply religious race, the Monfereen feel their onus is to proselytize the universe at large. They maintain only one star system, but are seen as a marauding cult, as they kill all who refuse their form of enlightenment. Because of this, they are barred landing rights at every planet and space station within the Space Condominium. They have, for some reason, accepted Radu Normandie as their Messiah figure.
  • Plasmoids: A genetically degenerate race, the Plasmoids travel space in their obviously artificial hexoid ships, raiding ships, seeking genetic material to compliment their own. Often they will kill ship's entire complements to scavenge only the smallest strands of DNA. The have had debacles with the Vanguard, but it is feared, the worst is yet to come.
  • Queliqot: An insectoid race. It is difficult to classify them as Antagonists, per se, rather, they are belligerent in protecting their perceived territory, but are not expansionist at this stage of their existence. They currently maintain a region of roughly 15 stars.
  • Safloans: A sister race to the Yrgoans, the Safloans have spent millennia circling the galaxy, joining the side of the "oppressed", more often causing harm than good.
  • Zeniaks: A combination biological and nano-mechanical beings, the Zeniak are incapable of sexual reproduction. Maintaining a growing empire of 30 star systems, they are feared throughout the galaxy, as they often travel in "Press Gangs", injecting their nano-mechanics, which gradually take over the mind of the person, bringing them into the "Fold".
  • Zmorites: A violent warmongering race from beyond this galaxy, the Zmorite ares on a crusade to achieve racial hegemony of the entire universe. The typical member of this race appears as a 7 feet tall humanoid with bushy eyebrows & mustache and large fang jutting out from its lower jaw. The Zmorite normally wear a long coat and conical hat made out of the hairs or fur of their defeated foes. According to rumour, common past-time include drinking fermented liquids (of any source) and juggling babies over a fire.

Other Races

Not all races can be classified simply as protagonist or antagonist

  • R'Zikk: A widespread, ancient and private race of beings who breathe methane. Hideous to human eyes, they are said to be extremely wise with technology far beyond our ken. Legend has it their lifespans last for centuries, perhaps millennia. They are willing to trade with others, usually raw materials, but the most valuable coin they possess is knowledge. Yet their prices for that are often high, or baffling, or both.
  • Ulgween: A minority species on Sagittaria, the Ulgween have long been oppressed, considered by the ruling species as merely smart animals. Most Ulgween are resigned to their status, but a revolutionary movement exists among some.

Television Series

To watch the pilot credits, Click Here

Space Voyage 2245 has completed filming of the seven seasons. The Second Season began airing 3 months after the First Season concluded due to the popularity of the show. The second season was filmed during pre-production and filming of the movie, "Invasion of the Zmorite Horde."

Season Synopses:

Uniforms and Props



Captain and Senior Crew

Production documents have been released showing the inital sketches for the Captain's uniform.


Staff Officers


Crew Uniforms

Crew Uniforms appear as follows on the show:


Space Suits

The following are space suits used throughout the series:


Mistelsbog's Uniform

As part of the Appraisers, Mistelsbog carries a Starmada Rank (Commander), but is not referred to by his rank. Part of his uniform includes the aristak, the veil with which he veils himself from time to time in reverence and awe, and also anger.



Initial appearance of the weapons on the show are as follows:


Spin Offs

Space Voyage 2245 spun off a new series, Mariner at the beginning of Season Four. The initial success of Space Voyage 2245 and Mariner incited a spin-off, Outpost Space Seed at the transition from Season Six to Season Seven.

Rumours of Series Finale

Rumours have arisen suggesting that the season finale for Season Five is in fact the Series Finale, but this was denied by the production company. It later came to light that this was nearly true, however popular demand for the series kept it alive through the sixth season. Waning interest has caused a re-tooling of the show for the seventh season, with the departure of some of the main crew to the new series of Outpost Space Seed, and new faces to help maintain interest in the crew.


The following movies have been produced, or are in production for Space Voyage 2245:

  1. Invasion of the Zmorite Horde Released, 2005. Teaser Trailer

Notabene: These will require the use of the latest release of Windows Media Player.

Graphic Novels

For more specific information see Space Voyage 2245 (Graphic Novels).

Bandes Dessinées Trois-Rivières has been granted the rights to create a series of graphic novels based on the television series. According to early production estimates, the first graphic novel should hit the stands some time in 2010.

Public Reaction

Noted sociologist Cannon Hamaquer of the Université Ursuline in Baton Rouge has spoken somewhat extensively on the universe of Space Voyage 2245 and the derivative works. The following quote is from a sociology paper submitted to Science in 2006 on the subject of gender roles in television.

It seems that the society of space exploration has mostly women in command and piloting roles, and men generally foot soldiers, and in some of the more brawny roles. An example is how stable Captain Spitzer is portrayed, compared with Commander Radu Normandie, or Prime Minister Oskarsen.

It seems that the writers and producers of the series don't feel that the males of our species are capable of caring for an expensive piece of machinery or acting as the mouthpiece to alien nations. Women are portrayed as more capable in the high-speed warfare of space, when the opportunity presents, and the cool heads in diplomacy.

Either the writers and producers have a strongly misandristic bent, or they are deliberately placing the typical gender roles of our societies in question, asking us to re-evaluate ourselves from the ground up.

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