Invasion of the Zmorite Horde

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"Doctor McPherron! Look at this inscription!"

The aging doctor trudged through the underbrush that choked the ancient temple. As he drew near the pillar, he shaded his eyes from the sunset and looked eagerly at the statue.

His shaky voice filled the vicinity, accompanied by chirping insect life.

"The cloud that blocked out the stars had grown larger and larger every night. At dawn we realized it was not a cloud. It was the Zmorite Horde! Long-fabled, these killing beasts descended on Agathea, ripping up the landscape, clearing out all life, nearly. It's a miracle we survived as long as we did. Life is returning...but our civilization is lost. Know that the Zmorite Horde are unstoppable. They will come. They always come..."

"How old is this?" the assistant asked.

"Over two thousand years old, Ferko." The doctor looked to the stars. There was the dark circle in the sky, larger than before, eclipsing Betelgeuse. He pointed to the sky. "Let's just hope that a ship from the Starmada gets here in time to evacuate us."

Thus begins the movie, Space Voyage 2245: Invasion of the Zmorite Horde.

Currently in Pre-Production, shooting is expected to start late this year and a release set for summer of 2006. The Saint-Julien Studios has announced that the teaser trailer will be released in time for the Christmas movie season.

Among the cast is renowned Ricardo Montalban filling the role of Kmora Xikra Nooniachev, Khan of the Zmorite Horde.

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