Space Voyage 2245 Season Three

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The breakthrough hit Space Voyage 2245's third season, with teasers:


  1. Secrets, Enigmas and Lies: The R'Zikk, in return for vital information, insist the Vanguard come to one of their most remote colonies where a bizarre piece of engineering seems to be underway. Remote scans show an Assessor on the planet's surface. But the R'Zikk refuse to answer any further questions.
  2. The Weirding: Mistelsbog begins to behave very erratically, which turns out to be a symptom of a point in the Yrgoan life cycle. He slips into what resembles a coma, wherein a dreamscape of the Vanguard's crew confront him.
  3. Enemy of My Enemy: Sensors pick up a fierce battle taking place at an abandoned mining colony. The Vanguard investigates, finding two small bands of Zmorites and Zeniaks fighting each other to the death. Orders from Starmada Command insist the ship watch and observe, but not to intervene under any circumstances.
  4. Beyond, Part One: The Vanguard is sent on a rescue mission through the wormhole to the Perseus Arm of the galaxy, trying to track down the location of SUM Jupiter. One of the first things they encounter is a kind of deep space organism that tries to feed off the Vanguard's engines.
  5. Beyond, Part Two: The Vanguard discovers the last survivor of the SUM Jupiter on the planet Kaled 4. It turns out the ship slipped through a time warp decades into the past. Dr. Jones doesn't want to leave the planet and its archeological wonders, despite evidence of an invisible predator.
  6. Beyond, Part Three: Ancient machines beneath the surface of Kaled 4 stir to life, revealing this to be the homeworld of the Zeniaks, or at least the race that gave rise to them.
  7. Prima Facie: A board of inquiry is convened at Space Station Theta Epsilon, investigating the operations of the Vanguard and her crew over the last two years. The Chair of the board is none other than Commodore Radu Normandie.
  8. Cataclysm: The planet Flain is about to undergo a natural disaster, but the Flainese do not want the Vanguard's help. While the Captain seeks some way to save millions of lives, evidence turns up this disaster has happened before. Many times.
  9. Return to Perseus: The Vanguard is ordered back through the wormhole to explore the Perseus arm. While investigating a class G star system, they find themselves caught up in a war between two civilizations, both of whom take them as a new class of enemy starship. They find the route back to the wormhold cut off.
  10. First Contact, Part One: The Vanguard is boarded by one of the warring civilizations, who identify themselves as the Torqua. The Vanguard is escorted to a planet identified as Pota VII, the capital of the Pota Military District. After confirming that the Vanguard are not agents of their enemy, the feared Ketsoqua, they explain the situation. The Torqua have been at war with the Ketsoqua for 500 years, losing planet after planet, which were "cleansed" by the Ketsoqua. Spitzer suspects the Ketsoqua are another name for the Zeniaks (Ketsoqua is simply the Torquan word for "Destroyers"). At the end of the episode, Spitzer is alarmed to see a Ketsoqua fleet enter the wormhole ...
  11. First Contact, Part Two: The Ketsoqua attack Pota VII, and the Vanguard is drawn into the battle. The battle goes poorly for the Vanguard, and the ship is heavily damaged. Spitzer is severly wounded in the battle, and Dr. Rasmussen fears she may not survive. At the darkest hour of the battle, as all seems lost, a fleet of Starmada vessels arrive, rescuing the Vanguard.
  12. Asylum: The Starmada fleet tells Spitzer of a great battle near the wormhole. Starmada had placed a battle fleet in the vicinity as a precautionary measure, which turned out to be a fortunate decision. The Torqua High Command propose a bold plan to save their people. A suicide fleet will engage the Ketsoqua, driving them away from the vicinity of the wormhole, at which time, a fleet of colony ships would escape to the Orion Arm, to find a peaceful world or worlds to settle on, far from the Eternal War
  13. Blown by the Divine Wind: The Asylum Operation is put into motion. A massive attack fleet is gathered. The Torqua High Command inform Spitzer that this is not the first such Asylum Fleet. None of the worlds now inhabited by the Torqua were settled at the start of the Eternal War. The Torqua have been continuously fleeing, and had developed a rather fatalistic worldview, until now, believing the best they could hope for was to stay one step ahead of their enemy. But now that a distant new part of the galaxy beckons, they finally had hope of escaping for good. A fleet containing 10 million colonists slips through the wormhole, and construction is begun on massive fortresses around the wormhole.
  14. Death Star: Construction of a Condominium Stellar Fortress is well underway at both ends of the Persid Wormhole. In order to speed construction, Vanguard is sent on a survey mission to a nearby star-system, where they discover the wreckage of the SUM Hoplitikon, buried in and through an asteroid. How did the most powerful ship in the Condominium Navy end up across the galaxy and inextricably joined to an asteroid?
  15. Prices and Prejudices: The Vanguard responds to a distress call from a Torqua ship on the edges of R'Zikk space. Aboard, the entire crew is either missing or dead (in some fairly weird ways), save for one female name Shyanna, who evidently has been dissected then put back together.
  16. Nevermind: Shyanna insists on hunting down a long-lost Condominium starship, the Atlantica. After analyzing the known data, she comes up with a theory that accurately predicts what happened. Investigating (against her better judgment), the Captain finds Shyanna is correct and that it offers a surprising insight into the Zeniaks.
  17. And Leagues To Go Before I Sleep: The colony Shyanna discovered is of a people who gave rise to the Zeniaks. Long ago they fled their home and have deliberately sought to understand the fragments of their history. But conditions on their new world are subtly dangerous--making each generation less fertile, more intelligent, increasingly less stable emotionally. Yet one thing is certain from the records found--the events which gave rise to the Zeniaks involved the Assessors!
  18. Spirits of Hope: Professor Gideon, the last survivor of the planet Gorac (his homeworld was overrun by the Zeniaks) thinks he's found a method of combatting the Zeniak infection. A crashed Zeniak ship at the fringe of known space is best place to perhaps test his method.
  19. The Little Things: While the command crew is briefed by higher ups on Edenia, the junior officers find themselves trying to help a family under threat of extinction from a generations-long feud.
  20. Prism: Emerging from the Persid wormwhole is the Vanguard--and the Vanguard sees it happen! But this ship (evidently from an alternate timeline) is badly damaged. Most of the crew (the same crew!) are dead--and the rest are seriously infested with Zeniak nanobots. Captain Spitzer must try to get essential information out of herself if she's to avoid whatever disaster befell/will befall them.
  21. Base Star: Vanguard joins with over a dozen other ships to lock onto a heavily armed space station with minimal thrusters. Together, by linking up all their system the idea is to create one gigantic battle ship. In command is none other than Commodore Radu Normandie, who doesn't think this plan is powerful enough and has taken some risky (as well as illegal) actions to beef up their weaponry.
  22. Ripples, Echoes and Shadows: The first real battle with the Zeniaks ends in a draw, with nine top-of-the-line vessels wrecked. Captain Spitzer takes a detour to R'Zikk space, hoping to learn something to save the Condominium. Along the way, they come across a simple life pod carrying one of the Assessors! Brought on board, the Assessor does nothing, really. But it clearly has an agenda, one Spitzer realizes is somehow accomplished by simply being present.
  23. Sands: On an airless world, site of some major catastrophe ages past, Captain Spitzer uncovers a weapon of awesome power. As she seeks to retrieve it, amid news of another Zeniak attack beginning, the word comes that Commodore Radu Normandie is on his way to bring the weapon to where the attack is expected. But someone else has followed the Vanguard--a band of Zmorites! And Mistelsbog has a startling suggestions--give the weapon to the Zmorites as part of an offer at alliance!
  24. Macchiavelli: The tenuous alliance of the Space Condominium and the Zmorites is holding, for now. The first battle went well, but as the Vanguard receives word from the "Front", they hear that the subsequent battles have gone poorly. Can Vanguard keep their erstwhile enemies as friends?
  25. Et tu, ... ?: The battles against the Zeniaks are going well for the Space Condominium and the Zmorites, but a startling statistic is rising; the Zmorites are dying 2 or 3 to one for every loss of Space Condominium forces. As Captain Spitzer and her crew explore this they discover a plot, reaching to the highest levels of Starmada Command to decimate the Zmorites, once and for all.
  26. The Countdown: Shyanna shows up, working with the prototype android Magnus on what seems to be a plan which would destroy both the Zeniaks and the Zmorites. Unfortunately, the plan would also call for wiping out a heavily-populated system of the Condominium via a triggered nova. They go to Captain Spitzer in hopes of stopping this atrocity, which focusses on the starship Invincible, whose captain was once the first officer of Commodore Radu Normandie. It seems the Invincible was in direct contact with the Assessors six months ago...
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