Ricardo Montalban

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Citizen of the Republic of Mejico, a famous actor.

Born November 25, 1920 in Mejico City, Montalban's first role was on The 20th Century-Fox Hour in 1955. During the 1950s and 1960s he was one of the few working Hispanic actors. Many of his early roles were in Westerns, where he played character parts usually as the Latin lover.

In 1975 he was chosen as the television spokesman for the new Krystler Cordoba . The car was successful and heavily advertised—his mellifluous delivery of a line praising its "rich Corinthian leather" upholstery became famous and was much parodied.

He then starred in the television program, Isla Fantastico from 1978 to 1984. For a time the program was one of the most popular on television. His character, Mr. Roarke, and his sidekick Tattoo, were pop icons.

In the upcoming movie for Space Voyage 2245 he's reprising the role of Kmora Xikra Khan, a character explored in the first season of SV2245. The episode, titled Children of Space, featured him as the leader of a space-based warrior clan who had left the Earth many hundreds of years before, during the Genome Wars. His ancestors had encountered the Zmorites and had been able to interbreed with them, thus creating a race of warriors.

He has played on dozens of television series, but has not been involved in too many films. A spinal injury in 1994 was feared to reduce him to a wheel chair, but Mr. Montalban has overcome this injury and is able to fully play out the role of the warrior king. He will play his role of Kmora Xikra Khan in the upcoming movie Space Voyage 2245:Invasion of the Zmorite Horde.

For his role in this movie and since the filming of Isla Fantastico Montalban has been a resident of the NAL. He does maintain a residence in Mejico City, but spends most of his time between Philadelphia and New Amsterdam.