Birgit Vasasdotter

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Birgit Vasasdotter
Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance February, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth January 13, 2215
Birthplace New Gothenburg, a Scandinavian Realm colony
Death Place
Rank Commander of Security for Vanguard
Promotion Date June 16, 2244
Training Graduated Institute in 2238
Assignment Vanguard

Birgit Vasasdotter, portrayed by Ulla Holmqvist, is the commander of security aboard the SUM Vanguard in the Space Voyage 2245 series. She was born in New Gothenburg, a Scandinavian colony. She joined the Star Academy in 2234, graduating in 2238. She quickly rose through the ranks, and was promoted to the Vanguard in part by Captain Spitzer's request.


She as born to Icelandic immigrant parents in Swerigesstadt of New Gothenburg, the Scandinavian Realm colony. She was the eldest of all her siblings and was tasked with watching them. She attributes this to her desire for security in part. During her childhood as well, she and her family were relocating from New Gothenburg to an Icelandic colony when they were set upon by the Monfareen. She was the only member of her family to survive, and was rescued from the Monfareen by the Queliqot.


Birgit spent the next two years living with her grandparents on Scandia. It was during this time that she was introduced to her grief counselor, Egil Tyrsson.

Egil had known her parents, and knew that they each had signed up for the Starmada Academy, but were unable to fund the tuition, and so could not attend. In honor of her parents, and as a means to help Birgit heal, Egil suggested that Birgit enroll Star Academy. Enrolling in 2233, Birgit quickly rose to prominence with her marksmanship, and eventually graduated at the head of her class in 2238.

Early Career

Beginning her service aboard the S.U.M. Vexillaton, Birgit was quickly promoted to Star Lieutenant, and within the first year was leading her own platoon of Watchmen under the leadership of Radu Normandie.

For the remainder of her service aboard the Vexillaton, Birgit was personally trained in tactics by Radu Normandie. Seeing her capacities in both marksmanship and leadership, Normandie took to coaching Birgit to help her progress in command. When the S.U.M. Centurion was commissioned and he was promoted to serve as Captain in 2243, Birgit was promoted to Lieutenant Commander of Security for the Vexillaton under fellow classmate Giovanna Capretti.

Following her service as Lieutenant Commander, Birgit’s time in Starmada had drawn to a close and she had the option to retire from service, and had considered it while she toured through the Scandinavian Realm, visiting the countries of her ancestry. While touring Reykjavik she was greeted by Captain Ellen Spitzer. After a short visit to some of the smaller cities, Spitzer had prevailed upon Birgit to re-enlist in Starmada and to serve as Commander of Security aboard the S.U.M. Vanguard, newly commissioned flagship of the Starmada.

The Vanguard

Vasasdotter has served as Security Commander aboard the Vanguard since it was commissioned. As part of her service aboard the vanguard, she has convinced Jimmy to modify not only phloggers but other machinery in the launch bay and elsewhere on the ship to further improve response times for her security forces.