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Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance February, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth unknown
Birthplace Tirshog, Tresht
Death Place
Rank Commander (Appraiser)
Promotion Date Prior to 2230
Training Graduated Institute prior to 2210
Assignment Vanguard

Mistelsbog, portrayed by Alexander Rickman, is the resident Appraiser aboard the SUM Vanguard in the Space Voyage 2245 series. An Yrgoan, Mistelsbog was born on Tresht, although the exact year of his birth is not something he speaks of, and it is not contained in the Space Condominium's records, as are much of the records of the Yrgoans. Mistelsbog's membership in Starmada is also of cloudy nature, and we only know that he began service in Starmada some time after 2210, and began work as an Appraiser some time after 2230.


Little is known about Mistelsbog or any Yrgoan. What little is known is that childhood is filled with extensive training and extensively structured recreation to allow Yrgoan children to free-associate the knowledge that they have otherwise learned in a format called fast-stream, and something that seems only viable for physiologically similar species.


Mistelsbog’s career is shrouded in some level of secrecy, as much of his time prior to 2230 involved Yrgoan internal affairs, or is covered by diplomatic immunity.

Mistelsbog was granted an honorary diploma from the Star Academy and began serving as a Commander in the Appraiser Corps, an Yrgoan dominated branch of the Starmada. This branch of Starmada, and its sister organization, the Assessment Unit in the Starmarines have been compared to Political Officers aboard SNORist vessels during the late 20th Century of Earth.

Serving aboard a number of vessels for a period of six ship-board months, Mistelsbog was later recruited to Appraise the construction process of the newly designated Ship-of-the-Line class. Overseeing the construction in the Oort Construction Yards orbiting the planetina Erebus on the outskirts of Sol System, Mistelsbog became intrinsically aware of the design and function of the various science faculties of the class. After overseeing the final construction starts of the S.U.M. Hirohito, S.U.M. Jefferson, and S.U.M. Monroe, Mistelsbog requested transfer to service aboard one of the commissioned Ship-of-the-Line vessels. Following the events of what became known as the Sagittarius Agenda, Mistelsbog was assigned to Appraise the crew of the S.U.M. Vanguard.

Intercepted by a marauding band of Dzhirona, Mistelsbog was rescued none-to-soon by the crew of the Vanguard and began his official capacity as Appraiser of the crew, where we find him at the start of Epsiode 1, Double Vision.