Aquico Yamamoto

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Aquico Yamamoto
Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance February, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth March 13, 2220
Birthplace Sanagóxi, Edo
Death Place
Rank Chief Science Officer of the Vanguard
Promotion Date September 23, 2241
Training Graduated Institute in 2239
Assignment Vanguard

Aquico Yamamoto is the Chief Science Officer of the Vanguard. Aquico has a high IQ which has allowed her to reach a high point in her career at the age of 25, as Lt. Commander of Science aboard the Vanguard, something that no other person has obtained prior to the age of thirty.


Raised as a stoic buddhist on the Japanese colony of Edo, Aquico excelled at science and maths as a child and was fast-tracked to the Starmada Academy on Earth. Her parents were sad yet pleased to see her attain such excellence. Being cut off from her parents was difficult, as was their deaths in a natural disaster just a month before graduation from the Starmada Institute.

Service Record

Aquico has been decorated many times over in her short service record for her abilities to diagnose and understand the situations around her. She was instrumental in first contact measures with the Itosha, a humaniform race first contacted by her initial service vessel, the SUM Nikola Tesla, a science and first contact vessel.

Her knowledge of physics, astronomy, philology and the other sciences is unparalleled by any human currently serving in Starmada.

Like most scientists, Aquico is largely reserved, socially. Since she has begun serving on Vanguard she has warmed up, and has even taken to cheering on the Watchmen.