Jimmy Dohan

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Jimmy Dohan
Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance February, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth January 29, 2195
Birthplace Dùn Èideann Nuadh, Alba Nuadh, a Scottish colony planet
Death Place
Rank Commander of Engineering
Promotion Date July 4, 2235
Training Graduated Institute in 2219 & 2223
Assignment Vanguard

Jimmy is the ruddy complected Scotsman who runs engineering with Scottish efficiency and focus on quality. He's often called a Magician, though this is in part due to his exaggeration of the time needed for repairs in non-critical situations and his miraculous completion of repairs in just enough time to save the ship and crew when the pressure's on.


Jimmy was raised on the space colony Alba Nuadh, part of the tetrad of colonies by the Federated Kingdoms in orbit around Wolf 630. His parents were part of the many waves of immigrants from Earth, moving to the new frontiers, and Jimmy was very much taken with the desire to learn about the mysteries of the universe.

As a child he was always tinkering with something. His father was the Chief of Station Maintenance in his teens, and he quickly began to learn the ins and outs of maintenance before he was inducted into the Starmada Institute.

It is thus fitting that he be involved in engineering and science. He studied particle physics extensively while at the Institute, and graduated with some of the highest marks in propulsion sciences around. His work during his time at the Institute and later has been well received by the broader scientific community – including the Lundgren Institute of Hoppas VII.

Service Record

Since his graduation, Jimmy has served faithfully in many different positions in Engineering aboard many ships. He received his first commanding position while serving aboard the SUM Tolkien in 2235. He was the first to suggest the use for Green Phlogiston in the Crenixian Drive, and he attends summits and conferences as often as his duty schedule allows him. It was his use of Green Phlogiston that propelled him, Zowan and Bouc into an alternate dimension in "Three Go Under The Cuckoo's Nest."