Marie Bouc

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Marie Bouc
Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance Feb, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth August 5, 2210
Birthplace Lyon, France
Death Place
Rank Chief Pilot, Commander
Promotion Date Attained Rank May 17, 2235
Training Graduated Institute in 2230
Assignment Vanguard

Chief pilot of the Vanguard. A French woman from Lyon, France. Known for her sarcastic wit, and cutting assessment of the situation at the start of every episode.


Raised in Lyon, France for much of her early childhood, Marie Bouc's parents moved to Algeria for a short time from 2220 to 2225. While there she took an interest in the desert ground-effect vehicle races and built a strong name for herself, placing in the top 10 throughout the races.

Even after her family moved back to Metropolitain France, Marie continued to race GEV courses, often taking place on the Bay of Biscay, near her family’s home of La Rochelle.

Institute Years

In 2228, while on a summer break from the Starmada Institute, Marie met her parents near Valentinac and took first place in the Tour des Frances, a space based race that completed stages near all of the major French colonies.

It was this ranking in the Tour that led to Marie Bouc being selected for elite pilot training only the year after she arrived in the Institute and excelled, being repeatedly selected for elite squadrons who performed aeronautic and astronautic maneuvers for show-case events. Bouc excelled in all of her coursework and was graduated with highest honors from the Starmada Institute.

SUM McLellan

Bouc served as a junior Starfighter aboard the McLellan, and was involved in many successful skirmishes with marauding Zeniaks and Calgon warships, successfully defending Condominium colonies and member-planets from the depredations of these other societies.

SUM Vanguard

Following her tour of duty aboard the McLellan, Bouc thought of retiring from the service, but while on furlough in her family’s renewed home of Algeria she was prevailed upon by Captain Ellen Spitzer to serve with her aboard the Vanguard as Chief Pilot. Bouc quickly accepted the chance to serve as first officer.