Hans-Philip Rasmussen

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Hans-Philip Rasmussen
Publication Information
Publisher Three Rivers / Deuterium Studios
First Appearance April, 2010
Creator(s) Dewidd Ceisicum, Mors Hemiker
In-story Information
Birth April 17, 2211
Birthplace Kungstad, Wisingsö
Death Place
Rank Chief Medical Officer of the Vanguard
Promotion Date January 27, 2245
Training Graduated Institute in 2232, Starmada Medical Institute, 2237
Assignment Vanguard

Born the 17th of April, 2211, Hans-Philip Rasmussen was the first child in a family of three. His younger brother and sister were many years behind him in age, due to his parent's careers. While Hans-Philip was born on the Swedish colony, Wisingsö, he very rarely had both parents home throughout much of his childhood.

Early Life

Raised in turn by his exobiologist father and his xeno-medical mother, Hans-Philip Rasmussen had witnessed a great many biological oddities by the time he was five. By the age of seven, he had been inoculated against the most horrific of diseases space had to offer, including Kulofi Pox, Himbarg's Estherosis and Tychonian Influenza. There remains only one disease against which he has not yet been vaccinated, of those known to humanity, and that is Japanese Encephalitis.

By the age of 11 he was regularly assisting his mother or father in their work, albeit in a very minor role - more often underfoot than contributing valuable. Because of his experience, however, he chose to devote his life to science and medicine, and focused his studies to that end.

Institute Years

It was during his time at the Institute that Hans-Philip came out of his shell and began to explore the social aspects of his life. It was during his time at the Institute that he met his first love, Duringa Mitozhovna. Their turgid relationship lasted through their 5 years of Institute, despite many hiatuses and very vocal, public disputes.

Following Duringa Mitozhovna's posting to the S.U.M. Alpinorum, their relationship seemed at an end, and Hans-Philip became known more as a libertine and roué - never attaching himself to any single woman for more than a few dates.

As he continued with his course of studies at the Starmada Medical Institute, his interest in the wider world of human interaction waned somewhat. Yet with the decline in his romantic liasons, his interest in biology and medicine increased.


Serving as the Chief Medical Officer aboard the S.U.M. Vanguard, Dr. Rasmussen is known for his animation at the discovery of every new race, animal, plant or even prion.