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Observing the Antilles Cluster from a close distance, Outpost Space Seed serves as a gateway to that mysterious range of our galaxy, furthering the mandate of their Universal Majesties to explore, contact and increase the peaceable reach of the Space Condominium. We hold our quest dear - we will bring back this space station, and make it the gateway for our peoples to the very stars!

— Introductory Narration by Sarukai (Mikhail Dubrovnic)

Popular response to the Space Voyage 2245 franchise has been so great that in 2005 a new project, Outpost Space Seed was green-lighted. It is based on one of Roddenberry's short stories which his wife Madgelle Bourgogne has worked to bring to screen.


  • Commandant Sarukai (Mikhail Dubrovnic) - Sagittarian Commander.
  • Pilot First-Class Marie Bouc (Agnetha Norbin) - Second in command to Sarukai, conducting regular sorties to find materials and goods to support them in the Outpost as they return it to full functionality.
  • Chief Engineer James "Jimmy" Dohan (Gil (Gwilliam) Coppinger) - An Irishman known for his exaggeration of repairs in non-critical situations and his miraculous completion of repairs in just enough time to save the ship and crew. Jimmy's often referred to as a Magician.
  • Dr. Birko Lundgren (Rolf Laſsgoerd)- Former director of the now destroyed Lundgren Institute on Hoppas VII. Assists Chief Dohan as he brings the mechanical systems back online.
  • Shyanna - a Torqua who was dissected and re-assembled by the R'Zikk in return for knowledge to help her people. Brilliant to nearly the point of madness, Shyanna spends hours understanding the culture that had built the Outpost.
  • Vulia - Possesses brilliant scientific mind, but tends to babble on about technology. Her speciality (of sorts) is engineering. She assists and often brings leaps and bounds of progress in reviving the Outpost.
  • Lieutenant Marcus Davies, Science Officer - Studies the nearby cluster when not assisting in the revitalization process.
  • Qui'otquicklass (Guillaume Pitcairn) - Kawaric denizen of Outpost Space Seed, although with a faulty memory. Works with Dr. Lundgren to restore the station. The crew refer to him as Quick or Qui. (pronounced like Key)

Television Series


Set design for Outpost Space Seed has used an innovative gimbal system to support the crew as they act out life on a decrepit, but gradually revitalizing space station. This eliminates the somewhat fake "jolting" that the crew must pretend to experience in battle and other situations.

Design of the Station

A tentative design of Outpost Space Seed