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Madgelle Bourgogne

Majel Lee Hudec Roddenberry (born Majel Lee Hudec on December 14, 1947 near Cuyahoga, Aquanishuonigy is the widow of author Eugenio Roddenberry. Since the passing of her husband, Mme. Roddenberry has acted under the stage name of Madgelle Bourgogne. Her most famous role is that of Ellen Spitzer on the hit series Space Voyage 2245.

Initially the network balked at her insistence of the captain role, however when Mme. Roddenberry threatened to take the scripts elsewhere, NABC capitulated and accepted her as captain. This has proved to be a fortuitous decision, as reviews speak of her characterization of Captain Spitzer as "iconoclastic", and "indomitable."

This is supported by her prior role as "Kate" in Shaxespeare's "The Taming of the Shrewe" opposite Rhigardd Gwallter Llefenin, a famed Kemrese actor. Roddenberry has appeared in many other films and plays throughout her career, but her national and international notoriety began with Space Voyage 2245.

Seeking to continue her husband's work, she has brought forth other manuscripts to be turned into television and film, and is in negotiations with other studios. She has also been influential in creating the spin-off Mariner and Outpost Space Seed, and maintained an executive producer role with the both series until the recent retooling of Mariner, in which she cut ties with the series, unhappy with the direction it was going.

While her time is largely spent on the SV2245 set, Mme. Roddenberry is not limiting her acting and has also made guest appearances on Babyloń 5.