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Outpost Space Seed's first season, with teasers:


  1. In the beginning... : (2 hour special) Sarukai reads to the assembled crew from Krisav Rakis, the Sagittarian holy book, speaking of the creation of time, and the worlds. "In the beginning was the light" he quotes, and while their fusion power reactors are working within normal parameters, and there is sufficient reserves for the time being, the crew is tasked with discovering the onboard power systems, following the creative efforts of the Sagittarian and human Gods, while Dr. Lundgren works to understand the ancient's technology. So deeply entranced by the Ancient's logograms, Dr. Lundgren fails to see the kawaric entity before it is too late, and he is injected with some substance that renders him incapacitated.

    The crew return from their forays to discover him incapacitated, and do their best to restore him, but cannot. As the nervous days pass and the crew begin siphoning the flow of particles from the Antilles Cluster to support the fusion engine's supplies, Dr. Lundgren suddenly awakes and stands before the crew who are at dinner. Around his head in the place of hair a metallic cage has grown, like a crown enmeshed with his head, and his eyes glitter as he says, "To quote the Big Guy, 'Let there be light!'" and the station rumbles to life around them.
  2. Dusty, Musty and Full of Rot : While the crews try to revive the internal systems of the station, including the algae and yeast culturing vats, Marie Bouc and Sarukai travel to a nearby cometary body to lasso it and bring it to the station for feed-stocks. What they don't count on is that the comet is alive, but hurting, and the crew's "shopping trip" is cut short as they work to save the interstellar life-form.
  3. Eat Your Greens, before They Eat You : The yeast and algae tanks are growing, and almost too well. Birko discovers amid the logograms the former population maximum of the station, a maximum of some 300,000, a population almost unbelievable given the size of the Outpost. The Ancients were near the size of humans, but from the external size of the station, there is not the living space for that many. Yet the growth of the yeast and algae continue, and all Birko's new formed connections to the station's systems cannot unravel the location of the off switch, if it exists at all. Yet, even if they do, the population estimates must be accounted for, somehow. Could there still be Ancients aboard?
  4. Breathe In, Breathe Out : The shipment of filtration supplies from the Condominium is both delayed and insufficient, given the timetables the freighters could offer. Reaching a critical point, the crew realize they're going to have to innovate or get Space Seed to a much higher functional level. Sarukai and Marie Bouc volunteer to accompany Birko further than any exploration trip has ranged within the station. With crisis looming, they begin their trek inward.
  5. Seek and Ye Shall Find : While the crew finds ways to nurse the air supplies along, Sarukai, Mari Bouc and Birko have gone beyond the halfway point of their supplies and still haven't reached their goal. Birko has begun to act more erratically, mumbling phrases in a language that resemble nothing of Earth or any known language in the galaxy. At last they arrive in a large chamber, an empty sphere, and after a moment of searching, Birko sits down, then slumps over, comatose. A flash of lights illuminates the room and Sarukai and Marie Bouc are incapacitated, as well. Jimmy, Shyanna and Vulia struggle to renew the air before they must all abandon ship, when they are stopped by the arrival of a large, ominous Kawar.
  6. Changeling : The giant kawar holds the command crew hostage, shouting loudly at them in the Ancient's tongue, should they move. The oxygen supply diminishes as the days pass and hunger sets in. No word comes from Sarukai, Marie Bouc and Birko, and Jimmy begins to plan a way to deactivate the kawar and evacuate the Outpost. In the command center, Birko awakes suddenly, stands, and speaks. Across the station, his command sparks the kawar into action, Birko's words playing over the robot's voice, and Shyanna stands, understanding his command. She waves for Vulia to assist her, and the two follow the Kawar to an internal transit system, which whisks them to the command center. Once there, the screens that make the walls of the center light up for a moment, showing the various views of surrounding space. Birko approaches the robot and speaks -- and the robot suddenly begins to melt -- but only rearranging his physical form to more closely parallel those of the humans around him. Transformation complete, the robot spreads his arms wide, "Greetings. Welcome Home."
  7. The Bolt-Hole : Qui'otquicklass introduces himself, and apologizes for his forcible transformation of Birko, who happily accepts the apology, yet Birko announces he wouldn't change a thing. Qui begins to display the capacities of the Outpost, yet, as he starts to display the external views again, scanning and magnifying, they discover a fleet of Qromaxi. Qui suddenly changes form, reverting to his prior shape, and begins speaking the Ancient Tongue. Sirens wail out and while the five crew with Qui watch, video of Jimmy and the others flashes on the screen, only to see the setting surrounding them change. As Sarukai and the others demand to know where the crew is, Qui activates defensive screens and the defense systems of the station rumble to life.
  8. Stalemate : The Qromaxi halt when they detect the active defense systems. Qui fires at a passing asteroid, drawn by the gravitic weight of the Antilles Cluster, causing it to be enveloped in a blast of glowing light which dissipates, leaving empty space. As a handful of screens go blank suddenly, Qui shifts back to his more human form, admitting that he hadn't realized how low the power reserves were. While Sarukai, Marie, Vulia, Shyanna and Birko all try to understand the power systems to revitalize them, Jimmy and the other crew sit in a room very similar to the one which they'd left, but instead of the decay of millennia, everything looks fresh and new. As Jimmy steps to the door leading them from the chamber he is faced by another being that looks much like Qui'otquicklass, but flesh and blood, one of the Ancients, who holds out tiny jewels in his hand, pointing to his ear, as if saying for them to do so. When Jimmy and the crew refuse, the being places the jewels on a small table and leaves the room, locking the door behind him.
  9. Deadlock : The Qromaxi haven't moved for hours as Sarukai and the rest begin to understand the power systems. Birko activates a maintenance system which releases nanodrones on the surface of Outpost Space Seed that set about repairing the massive radiation collectors the length of the station. Repairs begin, but the power left the station is not enough for defense. Qui drags a meteor close to the surface opposite the ones the Qromaxi face and soft-lands it using the last of the stored power. The nanodrones hungrily digest it, using the materials to restore the collectors and create more of themselves. At last the power collection shows slight increase, but it won't be enough if the Qromaxi can't be persuaded to leave. Sarukai and the others ponder options, knowing that the Itsho could be called, though it would be trading the crazy dog for the ravening wolf.

    Jimmy and the others in the meantime wait, getting hungrier and more frustrated by the moment. In a fit of pique, Lt Marcus Davies puts one of the jewels into his ear, and falls silent for a moment, then smiles. The jewels are translators that allow him to understand the speech of the Ancients outside the doors. The crew follow his example and are taken from their holding cell deeper into the alternate Outpost.
  10. Breakout : The Qromaxi begin to grow bold, attacking the Outpost, and the crew begin working non-stop, using medicine to keep them awake for hours on end. While Qui has fended off most of the Qromaxi attacks, it becomes clear that if things don't improve soon, the battle will be over, and they will be dead.

    Jimmy, Davies and the others are brought to stand in what appears a throne-room, facing what appear to be kings and queens. When they speak, their voices are translated and Jimmy and the others understand them -- but they request the fealty of the crew in exchange for their lives, and the decision must be made quickly, else they will be themselves killed.

    Birko discovers a supply of the fabled White Phlogiston, but it is portioned between different fighter automata. Qui is able to activate them and rout the Qromaxi, and Birko nearly faints from the knowledge and use of the White Phlogiston.

    Jimmy, through careful dealing has helped the Ancients understand the idea of a Condominium, to which they agree, on condition that Jimmy understand their true nature. He tentatively agrees, and the pretext is dropped from his eyes. As he faints after jibbering for a few moments the crew gather round him, only to be lead briskly from the throne room.
  11. The Return : Jimmy, Davies and the rest of the crew that had been to the ultra-dimensional Outpost awake at home. Jimmy refuses to talk to anyone for several hours. When he sees Qui, he looks at him with daggers, but then directs Qui to follow. When they're found again, Jimmy is wearing a set of goggles, yet he won't tell anyone what they're for. When Sarukai begins to speak harshly with him intrusion sirens sound. Birko shrugs as it's not of his doing. The site of the intrusion is the yeast and algae vats, where all but what they need has disappeared and it appears that new piping has been installed, but it doesn't go anywhere on their Outpost. Jimmy shakes his head and mutters, "They're back."
  12. To Know God's Thoughts : The Outpost has nearly reached full power capacity with innovations to the Phlogiston collection system. With the increase in power production, Jimmy and Birko discover what was designated as the largest receptacle of power in the system, the Ancient's Pangnaritum, or the Grand Archive, the repository of all knowledge of the Ancients who had maintained the Outposts. Birko begins ingesting the information through his neural connectors and Jimmy begins studying eagerly the use of Phlogiston, when they are faced with Qui, in his Ancient persona, his arms poised as weapons.
  13. To Perceive the Obvious : Birko and Jimmy awake to discover themselves in the clean holding room where Jimmy had been transported once before. With his goggles in hand, Jimmy takes one of the jewels and places it in his ear, and straps on his goggles. Birko sits on the floor unmoving, until Jimmy speaks to him. They speak of the true nature of the Outpost visible through Jimmy's dimensional goggles and Birko's newly enhanced senses, when they are called to the throne room, facing the Supreme of the Ancients for the crime of knowledge-theft.
  14. Shards and Shreds : A new section of the station is unlocked, heated and spun up to speed. As the crew begin walking into the sections, exploring and repairing, they encounter worlds, people, and sights that should not be. It seems that time has fractured, and the crew must gather to save themselves and the wider universe. As they seek to shut off the section, Qui returns speaking of warnings that Birko cannot translate. Suddenly, before them, a huge shard opens. An explosion rocks the section, and from the shard is thrown a human man, and as he coughs and splutters on the floor, the shards vanish, as if they had existed only to bring this human to Outpost Space Seed. As the man coughs and rolls over on his back, the crew are shocked - it is none other than Joaquin Klausfelder, Captain of the Mariner.
  15. To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy : As Captain Joaquin Klausfelder recovers in the infirmary, the crew are left in shock - not knowing if they should seek the other Mariner crew, or if they should only be grateful that Captain Klausfelder survived. Even as they consider this, the crew are gathered again by Qui, in ancient form, who herds them to the holding room where they are presented with another human, claiming to be Matthias Kreutznär, who claims to have been elevated to the higher planes, and who has been sent to act as a guide to the humans aboard Outpost Space Seed.
  16. A Perilous Voyage To An Unknown Land : The crew maintain their distrust of Kreutznär, but have begun to receive distressing news about the rest of the Condominium. With the delivery of supplies from Yrgoa telling of the Kulofi, the Amorphs and the Terran Empire, the crew is energized to act. Birko, working with Qui and Kreutznär repair the command structures to activate the immense engines of Outpost Space Seed. Jimmy meanwhile, with Davies’ help extends the arrays to collect phlogiston, and send out crews to reinforce them – for Jimmy fears that a replenishing transit would leave them stranded. After a week of extensive work, the course is plotted and the crew are ready for transit. With a quiet prayer, Birko flips the toggle. The sub-ethers warp and shudder, and in a gravitic shockwave felt throughout the Antilles Cluster, Outpost Space Seed disappears.
  17. Whistle while you work... : Jimmy and Birko work round the clock to maintain the facilities of Outpost Space Seed as the massive refit and repair operation takes place, bringing the formerly derelict fleet of the Starmada up to fighting snuff. While their efforts are so deeply entrenched, Captain Klausfelder begins chafing at the bit, wanting to continue the search for the lost crew of the Mariner. Convinced to help him, Davies, Vulia and Marie Bouc join him along with a skeleton crew of Starmada, and leave with Sarukai’s blessing to search for the lost crew, hoping to find Magnus and Professor Gideon. As the Klausfelder and his detachment leave with his crew a ghostly whistle fills the air, “pop goes the weasel.” Fuses blow begin to blow, followed by conduits, and the crew starts disappearing. Through it all, Kreutznär avers the Ancients have nothing to do with it, but can he be trusted? And more importantly, what has caused the disappearances and how can they be stopped?
  18. 18. Behind Enemy Lines ... : The crew of Outpost Space Seed find themselves behind the lines of control of the Terran Empire – and while they remain hidden from view, they begin picking up signals from what Birko can describe only as a “Megabrain.” It seems that the Space Condominium had been working for some years on a planet-sized computer in orbit around Dvaveneda, and it is this computer that has captured control of the ships of the Starmada. Can Birko and Shyanna work fast enough with Qui to use the powers of Outpost Space Seed to liberate them? (Followed by V:Machiavelli)
  19. Only results matter : The crew of Outpost Space Seed have taken use of the Ancient’s fliers to transit to the far and distant colonies of humanity, appealing to them in any means necessary to return to the fold. While some join willingly, others, like the Russian colonies of Novy Tomsk, Novy Vaygach, Petrogradia, and Mezhdusharskiy, require more subversive means. (Followed by V:The Quenching Waters)
  20. Frozen Wastes : While Aquea is under attack by the Kulofi and the Vanguard otherwise engaged, the Transitional Radio aboard Outpost Space Seed detects distress calls from Nunavut and Novysibirsk – it seems these two stations have lost their heat controls, temperatures fluctuating wildly, and nothing seems to stop them. Jimmy and Birko agree to move the Outpost – and land near Novysibirsk, only to find the crew of the station in Stasis Pods. A detachment goes to Nunavut and returns, reporting the same. As Jimmy and Birko begin investigation on the failure of the heat, Outpost Space Seed begins experiencing shifts, and worse, Qui reverts to his Ancient configuration, and begins randomly assaulting sections of the ship. Is there a pattern? Will the Outpost have to be abandoned, too?
  21. All My Children  : The temperature changes brought on by the Kulofi attack on Outpost Space Seed have caused an unusual effect. The station, once esteemed only a construct has seemed to take on a life of its own. When Qui is questioned about it, he states simply, “All systems normal.” Yet the crew get the distinct feeling that the station is alive as rumblings begin occurring in odd places, and once accessible cargo bays have closed. When power and phlogiston begins to be shunted to these closed bays, the crew become curious. Birko accesses optics at the central command node, only to discover that the Outpost has begun to construct new stations – as a parent generates children ...
  22. Power Vacuum : When the Vanguard accepts the devil’s bargain from the R’Zikk, all is quiet, for a time. As the days turn into weeks the carefully orchestrated peace fails and one by one, the crew of Outpost Space Seed are killed in action, striving to save the peace, hoping for Vanguard’s return, for the keystone of peace. At the last Sarukai is held before a tribunal of the Sagittarians on Sagittaria, charged with subverting his own kind. As the executioner swings to kill him, the world around him disappears in a flash of light like Vanguard’s disappearance years before, and he finds himself surrounded by the crew of the Outpost where just seconds after their disappearance, Vanguard returned. (alternate bubble universe.)
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