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A kawar is any artificial life-form powered by a computer or non-biological life source. It is the mainstay of science fiction shows like Star Wanderers and various comic books. Real life use is generally limited to the heavy-industry sector.


In the play Kolchek's Universal Kawars, the term kawar was created for mechanical workers who freed men to pursue other exploits, only to result in the same unemployment and unrest. The term stems from Venedic kawar: to dig, labor.

This idea was seized upon by Itzak Azimov in his 1950 novel, I, Kawar. It was in this work that the now famous Four Laws of Kawarics were created, used by kawaricists the world over. Azimov is credited as creating the word kawarics for the English language.

Modern Uses

Modern high speed factories use industrial kawars to perform repetitive motions such as placing panels and pieces of an automobile body into place and welding them, or other similar uses.

Fictional Uses