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Rolls-Royce, Ltd
Type Transportation Manufacturing
Slogan Par Excellence
Founded 1905
Location FK
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Industry Manufacturing; Aerospace, Automotive
Products Automobiles, aircraft engines, transportation devices and improvements.
Revenue Green up.png 3.5 Million FK£

Rolls-Royce is the most well known automobile and engine manufacturer in the Commonwealth of Nations and Europe. The Rolls-Royce engines used in Aeroscrafts are esteemed to be the best engines in the world. Rolls-Royce vehicles are among the most well-known luxury cars in the world, and their relatively limited production number makes them a desireable commodity.


Founded in 1905 with the merger of the Royce and Rolls car manufactories, Rolls-Royce quickly became one of the more well known car brands in England and Kemr. As with many of the players in the modern car industry, Rolls started as a bicycle manufacturer, and gradually took this mechanical expertise into the creation of automobiles.

With the arrival of the First Great War Rolls-Royce decided to contribute to the war effort, turning their mechanical expertise to the field of aeronautics, helping the war effort of the Commonwealth immensely.

With their new knowledge, Rolls-Royce sought to increase their foothold in both the automotive and airline industries, creating newer, more powerful engines, capable of competing with Daimler-Benz' diesel engines in a world market.

The interbellum saw mixed fortunes for Rolls-Royce, as automotive sales diminished but their efforts in aeronautics paid off. Before the start of the Second Great War, Rolls-Royce was among the top five aircraft engines used on zeppelins and light aircraft.

During the course of the Second Great War Rolls-Royce's factories in the FK were bombed by Adolf Hessler's Luftwaffe, but their North American production facilities remained untouched and were able to support the FK and NAL as they fought against the German war machine.

Following the end of the war, Rolls-Royce continued to expand its research and development division as it sought to better the engines used both in their automobiles and aircraft, and were among the first to utilize fuel-injection technology in both automobiles and aircraft to great extent, and produced the first electronic fuel injection system.

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