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Formed around 1970 in Stockholm, ABBA, the initials of the band-members, Agnetha, Benny, Bjørn and Anna-Frid (nicknamed "Frida") quickly rose in the pop-music realm of the Scandinavian Realm and Europe. ABBA won the 1972 Eurovidere Song Contest with their hit "Danſande Drottning", a song written entirely in Swenſka. Archqueen Margrethe II, who began her reign that year, assumed that the song was about her, as did the public. However, Bjørn Ulvaeus later asserted in a television interview with the BBC that this was not so. During the following years, they did extensive tours of the Holy Roman Empire, the Federated Kingdoms, and France. They also toured North America and Asia. By 1978 their popularity was world-wide.

ABBA has always been controversial in the more conservative circles of the SR, using Swenſka at some level in every album, and at times in every song. They are, however, very popular with the young, and while they had nearly two decades of absence, from nearly 1980-1995, they enjoyed a resurgence in the Discotheque crowd and are looking to tour again later this year.