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A series of comics and a novel coordinating the comics. The comics were written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd. The novel was co-written by Seoirse Fferreir and Alan Moore. Moore and Lloyd both openly admitted that they had counseled with Fferreir as they wrote the series of comics, reaching for the same chilling dystopian view as was shown in 1994.



Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The series is set in a fractured near-future Federated Kingdoms. Nuclear weapons were removed from Britain following a victory for Worker's Party in 1983, sparing it from nuclear attack in a limited nuclear war that left the country mostly physically intact. An extreme fascist single-party state has arisen, called Pictosaxon and led by the Leader Adam Sands, that maintains control of the country through food shortages (assumed to arise during the nuclear winter), government-controlled media, secret police, a planned economy, and concentration camps for ethnic, political, and sexual minorities, as a retaliation against the Green Carnation Party that had existed in England, Scotland and Kemr. A several hundred mile long wall was constructed, walling of the Cambrians from the rest of the island, and a naval blockade strictly enforced. There is an emphasis on technology, especially closed-circuit television monitoring in the mode of Seoirse Fferreir's 1994. (Closed-circuit television had not yet become common in the UK at the time Moore wrote the series. Today, London is second only to Louisianne in concentration of C.C.T.V. Moore also forecast increased computer usage.) When the series begins, political conflict has ended, the death camps have finished their work and have been closed, and the public is largely complacent, until "V" — an anarchist revolutionary dressed as Guy Fawkes, mask and all, with an improbable array of abilities and resources — begins an elaborate, violent, and theatrical campaign to bring down the government.

Volume 1: Europe After The Reign

Volume 2: This Vicious Cabaret

Volume 3: The Land of Do-As-You Please


  • Aryanica a joint-novel by Fferreir and Moore, dealing with the aftermath of the comics. Aryanica focuses on the dissolution of the Pictosaxon party government, and the aftermath as the British Isle tries to rebuild itself, with a concentration on two distinct groups in specific "sub-books", the Ecotopians of the North and Royalists of London.
    • Book 1: The Fall
    • Book 2: Green Freedom
    • Book 3: Divine Right