University of New Cornwall

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University of New Cornwall
Seal of University of New Cornwall

University of New Cornwall

Location (main campus)

Zarahemla, Alpes-Rocheuses


February 28, 1850 (9 Ventôse LVIII


Public coeducational





School Colors

Forest Green and White

The University of New Cornwall was created initially as the University of Zion, but was disbanded a few years later because of financial issues. It returned to full University status as the University of New Cornwall ten years later and has dramatically increased in size since then. In the last 25 years, the University of New Cornwall has become more and more viewed as the Non-Mormon school.

The campus of the University is found in Northern Zarahemla, and has a fierce rivalry with Joseph and Brigham. This rivalry has often come to be associated on religious grounds, as Joseph and Brigham is run by the SDJ Church, and the University of New Cornwall is highly irreligious. This supposed reason for rivalry is somewhat erroneous, as most of the leadership of the church graduated from UNC.

The UNC is one of the premier medical schools in Louisianne, and trains a great many doctors that go on to serve both within Louisianne and internationally. The UNC Medical school is one of two in the country that offer both a Medical Doctor (MD) and Osteopathic Doctor (DO) degree.

In 2014, Solas Teoranta occupied a large office complex adjacent to the school. In partner with the Computing Sciences department, Solas and UNC offer internships leading to placements with Solas and other entities around the world. The largest taker of these interns has so far been CNEL and ATOE.