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خلفة المغرب
Khalifat al-Maghreb
Caliphate of the Maghreb
Conventional short name:
Local: المغرب
English: Maghreb
State flag of Maghreb
 Capital: Marrakesh
 Largest: Casablanca
 Other: Fez, Essaouira, Tangier

Maghreb is a country in northwestern Africa.


The Maghreb today was formed out of the former French Morocco, the parts of Castilian Morocco not part of Castilian West Africa, the parts of Aragonese Morocco not part of Melilla and Oran, and the former French colony of Mauritanie. The Maghreb's proper name is the Caliphate of the Maghreb. Inside the country operate several anti-government forces united under the banner of Les Forces de Liberations Africaines du Maghreb - African Liberation Forces of the Maghreb.

Flag of the Republic of Er-Rif

Between 1920 and 1926 there existed a state within the territory of today's Maghreb called the Republic of Er-Rif.

Flag of the French protectorate of Morocco, 1912-1946
Flag of the Castillian protectorate of Morocco, 1912-1949
Flag of the Kingdom of Morocco, 1946-1948



North: Ceuta, Melilla, Oran, Algeria, Mediterranean Sea.
West: Castilian West Africa, Atlantic Ocean.
South: Mali, Libya.
East: Tunisia (Two Sicilies).

Air Force roundel
Flag of Forces de Liberations Africains de Maghreb

FLAM (Forces de Liberations Africains de Maghreb) is comprised of several separate anti-government groups in a loose association. This flag has been seen outside Maghreb used by opponents of the Caliphate, including at the office of the Free Maghreb Movement in Lagos, Gold Coast.