Ribeira Affair

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A sordid, and as yet unresolved chapter in the history of Louisianne. Alberto Ribeira was the minority leader in the Préfectoral legislature of Saint-Onge at the time of the issue.

Known facts

Ribeira called for a Vote of No-Confidence against Prefect Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, which was refuted and an investigation was brought to bear against Ribeira by the representatives from the Département of Pont-Chartrain. These allegations had only begun to be investigated when Ribeira and his entire family disappeared from Louisianne, reputedly to the now-defunct Florida-Caribbea.

Some theorists suggests that they were silenced by Black-Ops within the Louisiannan government. This is untenable, as sightings of Ribeira in the NAL Province of East Florida refute this. Cries to NAL officials for the capture and extradition of Ribeira have gone unheeded to date. Some would also like to link Ribeira to the attempts of Floridian Gentry seeking to create their own nation within the Département of Pontchartrain, although this idea is also merely rumor with very little facts to support it.

Most would say that the idea of the Floridian Gentry taking over Pontchartrain is untenable, and merely rumor. The facts of the matter support this, as the armed forces of Louisianne and the NAL would have made short work of any insurgency.

A string of murders was, for a time, associated with the Ribeira Affair. It was later proven to be the work of Henri David del Hoyo who was later convicted of the murders and sentenced to jail. He died in prison some months later, under questionable circumstances.

A great body of text has been amassed and is the realm of conspiricists. Some of the major news items have been included here.

Current Views

Some would suggest that this is a combination of things, the independent work of murderer Henri David Del Hoyo, secret ops of the Louisiannan military, political bumbling by Ribeira, and a last gasp of Florida-Caribbea before the war.

IBAP Conclusion

9 Floreal CCXI (Apr. 29 '03)

IBAP, Natchitoches, St. Onge, Louisianne

In the aftermath of Senator Ribeira's disappearance from Louisianne the opposition party, the People's Voice of Louisianne or VPL has been steadily losing ground in the opinion polls. Yesterday a referendum was passed in the Préfecture of St. Onge calling for all members of the VPL to step down for two years before returning to political life.

Preliminary investigation led Inquisitors to believe that Senator Alberto Ribeira was acting on his own and that he was a Florida-Caribbean zealot, seeking simply to further what he felt were his country's best interests.

Current discoveries lead government leaders to believe that Ribeira was acting under the influence of a coalition of landowners in the Florida Panhandle. This group of land owners were not supported by the Bush regime as far as can be ascertained. It seems the plan was for Ribeira to obtain the presidency of St. Onge and through manipulation of the government, and thus help those men to effectively colonize Trans-Pontchartira to make their own country.

Fortunately for the Trans-Pontchartrians and Louisiannans at large, an unnamed informant notified the Préfectural Police of this scheme and cut Ribeira's plans off at the knees.

In light of this news, it is expected for other Préfectures to pass referendums before the end of the week and the VPL to be ousted. While this change is going to affect the Préfectural legislatures it shouldn't affect the council as the Préfects are all members of the majority party, the Free Republicans.

Florida's position is largely to deny that Ribeira is even in the country:

When questioned on Ribeira's asylum seeking, Immigration Bureau officials stated: "We have no knowledge of Sr Ribeira's whereabouts or his travel plans. If he has appropriate documentation, he may enter Florida as can any citizen of Louisianna. If it his desire to seek political asylum in Florida, he may do that as well. As of today, we can neither confirm nor deny that we have received an asylum request from Sr Ribeira; nor can we comment on his specific whereabouts."

Frankie Ozarque 2

Transcript-'The Frankie Ozarque Show' 10 Floreal, CCXI (30 April, 2003)

FRANKIE: And that was 'Getting Jiggy on the Bayou Tonight' by Zaydeco Warrior, hanging strong at number three this week. In the next half- hour we'll take some calls and hear the newest release by the Chanterelle Sisters, 'Mardi Gras Loving.' Our phone lines are open, Frankie Ozarque here, you're live on the air.

CALLER1: Hey, Frankie!

FRANKIE: Hey! Who's this?

BUB: Bub, from Hammond.

FRANKIE: Some bad business up your way.

BUB: The Cherrières? Yeah, we don't know who did it, but we all think it's thanks to your buddy, Senator Ribeira.

FRANKIE: Slow down there just a second. He's not my buddy, that I can guarantee. But I wouldn't put it past his group.

BUB: Anyway, my question to the government tonight is: What's all these sightings in the Bayoux?

FRANKIE: Good question, Bub, thanks for calling. As y'all know, I'm based here in Nouvelle Orleans, and we've got Coast and River Guard ships around us and up and down the coast like flies on a corpse.

Now I don't know who these dark figures are, but I do know this—there are two large military camps, one East of Hammond and one on the Mississippi. Now, I think it'll be quite obvious to Trans-Pontchartrians and to the Floridians, who we know are monitoring us, if these camps are growing. And while I have the utmost respect for the Coast and River Guard, there's a lot of coast and river front for them to survey. Our next caller. Hello, you're on the Frankie Ozarque Show.

CALLER2: Hi Frankie, this is Fifi. I'm from the North Shore.

FRANKIE: Welcome. Your question or comment?

FIFI: I just wanted to say that me and my kids are leaving in the morning for Nouvelle Navarre. We've got a cabin in the Noirraines, and we don't like the idea of these shadowy figures moving about the Bayoux.

FRANKIE: Well, Fifi, I'd recommend you go to the Noirraines as a place for a vacation, but I don't think you should go for a place to escape. I think that one of the safer places is close by where the military can protect you. We're 500,000 people here in New Orleans, with many others spread through Trans-Pontchartria. We've got about 100,000 men and a large number of women who've helped the armed forces and would be willing to defend St. Onge against any aggression. I'd say to you, and to all my listeners, to stay put. Last thing we need's a panic, weakening us in front of any potential threat." (sigh) "Well, enough of my soap box. As promised, folks, the Chanterelles with the new hit, "Mardi Gras Lovin."

------END TRANSCRIPT------

Frankie Ozarque 1

Radio Pontchartrain, Nouvelle Orleans, St. Onge, Louisianne


"Good Morning, Nouvelle Orleans! Frankie Ozarque here – spinning down the tunes for you this morning! Coming up in the next half-hour I'll be playing the debut single from Zaydeco Warrior, but first let me introduce this morning's guest, Senator Alberto Ribeira, Opposition party minority leader from our own St. Onge. How's the family in Natchitoches, Senator Ribeira?"

"Might fine, might fine, thanks for asking, Frankie."

"It's been a busy few days politically for you, hasn't it?"

"Ever since the rocket mishap I've been eagerly requisitioning information, trying to get to the bottom off this, trying to understand why our government is hiding the fact they're two-faced."

"Two-faced, Senator?"

"Absolutely, Frankie -- It's no secret that Louisianne's prior administrations sold weapons to both Alta California and Tejas. It's been common practice, why hide behind it now?"

"These are serious charges, Senator."

"Very serious, Frankie. The people of Saint Onge and Louisianne deserve to know the truth. I'll tell you this as well, Frankie—The people from North of Pontchartrain have been talking to me. See, they've got family that live east of the Pearl, and they've been saying there's no military movements. Jaime Bush only wanted the Floridians to be home. They're home now, Frankie, they're home and they're happy.

"It's obvious to me, as I'm sure it would be obvious to you, or anyone from the area that Louisianne's just trying to keep the wolves at bay--that's why there's a buildup of army forces--that's why the Pontchartrain Causeway's wired with dynamite--yes, dynamite folks.

"I'll tell you also that Madame Marie-Claire Gildersleeve is right in on this dirty business. I've told you for months and months about her dealings. Many of you believed me at election time last year, but not enough. Some of you were confused by that double-talking snake, and understandably so. Now that you see the truth, I expect you'll make the right decision.

"I'm calling a special meeting tomorrow of the Préfectural Parliament. I hope that I will have the support of you, my fellow St. Ongins and St. Ongines. You need some one to speak truth to the Council -- I'm your man."

"Senator--you've got my support. I hope the Pontchartrians have listened well. You've got my vote."

"Well, thank you, Frankie. If you'll excuse me, I've got some of my other constituents to speak to."

"Certainly, Senator. Folks, that was the fine Senator Alberto Ribeira, always a pleasure to have him on the show. Now, let's go into the long-awaited single of Zaydeco Warrior -- "Getting Jiggy on the Bayou Tonight."

|---End Transcript---|


Baton Rouge, St. Onge, Louisianne: (IBAP)

In a special session of the Bicameral St. Ongin Legislature, Opposition Party Minority Leader, Senator Alberto Ribeira of Natchitoches called for and received support in a vote of No-Confidence against Présidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, citing supposed acts unbecoming a public officer.

In a move that surprised Senator Ribeira, a Presidential Vote was motioned by Representative Liam Arvorec of Nouvelle Orleans, and sustained by the Representative of Hammond (Pont-Chartrain-Nord), Jose Prunier. A short recess was called for all senators to compare the facts issued in the statements of Présidente Gildersleeve and Senator Ribeira.

When the session was reconvened and the vote was cast, Senator Ribeira was defeated by a fifteen percent margin. Présidente Gildersleeve, newly re-elected motioned for an investigation into the allegations against her, and also an inquiry into the behavior of Senator Ribeira. The Motion was sustained, and Senator Ribeira was censured.

Yvette Quincompoin, Press Attache, St. Ongin Parliament

Newsday In Review

Hammond, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Reports received today from observation craft indicated increased movements of troops in Florida-Carribea. Local militias throughout the Trans-Pontchartrian region have begun training sessions every second day as a preventative measure to possible invasion

In related news, First President Young spent the day in the seclusion of his offices, seeking to talk with neighboring governments and to resolve differences.

Baton Rouge, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Présidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve spoke this morning to the Province of St. Onge to respond to allegations levied by Opposition Party Leader Alberto Ribeira. Her address was carried by TéléLouisianne (TL), Mizouri Broadcast Company (MBC) and Louisianne Broadcast Company (LBC). Senator Ribeira has called an emergency meeting of the St. Ongin Parliament. It is highly probable he will move for a vote 'no- confidence' in Présidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve. Current polls show a very tight race if Gildersleeve and Ribeira go head to head in a general election, with a mere 5% lead on Ribeira one month ago. The special session is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 PM.