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Governments or militaries sometimes need to resort to various kinds of covert operations to accomplish their goals. The term "Black Ops" (or "Black Operations") is used to refer to these, implying darkness, secrecy and things that wouldn't stand the harsh light of day. They sometimes include general espionage, but the term more particularly refers to deniable, secret military operations in another country's territory, usually without their knowledge.

Black Ops are reputedly uncommon in Ill Bethisad, just the way the governments like them to be. Louisianne has only recently been suggested as using these, most recentliy during the Ribeira Affair. Some would suggest that France and most especially the Federated Kingdoms have used them and do use them.

Florida-Caribbea used these until the very end of its existence, and more and more of these are coming to light. It is to be expected that many of the records of these were destroyed in the final days of the Florida War.

The Russian operation that retrieved secret new jet engine plans from a Dalmatian high-security facility is sometimes considered an example of this kind of operation.