Colonia Solaris

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A projected trilogy, the first installment being the namesake of the series. Created by Philoberto Cortez, and based on current trends seen in the space race.


In all iterations of the story, the following cities are important:


Ny Gøteborg: Located near Peary Crater at the lunar North pole, where power is easily generated through solar power. Ny Gøteburg has grown from Peary Crater to fill nearby Byrd Crater and maintains a population of nearly 500,000 persons. Plans are underway to further colonize Hermite crater, creating Ny Køpenhavn.

Motxi: The Nippono-Louisiannan colony built initally in the Copernicus crater. Motxi is run in part from the Helium 3 isotopes gathered in and around the equatorial region. Motxi is part of the Geçu Òcocu or Kingdom of Luna, an administrative division of the Japanese Empire

Motxi and Ny Gøteborg co-operate an astronomical observatory in the Shackleford Crater which has hence grown into a larger community.

L4 & L5:

Çuxima 2: A second iteration of the original space-station established by ATOE.

(There are others.)


Castreleon Rhys: The Federated Kingdom Colony on Mars, located in Meridiani Planum

Helasu: Japanese colony near the Hellas basin. It is cooperative with the Louisiannan colony of Sainte-Hellène. The two cities plan to turn the Hellenes basin into a large inland sea. This is supported by the other settlements as they plan to terraform Mars.


A major mining colony, under the auspices of the Solar Condominium has been established on Ceres*. Called Esperance, or Hope or the appropriate translation, it is staffed by various mining interests and is governed by a Space Condominium Bureau to guarantee appropriate competition between the mining interests. The ore refined is manufactured through extrusion-molding to form components for the growing communities of the Earth L4 and L5 Points.

Colonia Solaris

The year is 2200, and humanity has spread out to the Solar System. The space race has culminated in a grand space condominium. The Scandinavians have settled on the moon and in the LaGrange points with nearly a million inhabitants. The Nippono-Louisiannan settlement of Motxi has flourished on the Moon, and a strange Franco-Japanese creole has developed among the 250,000 residents. ATOE's Çuxima has been replaced by Çuxima 2 which has been refurbished and hosts a population of nearly 50,000.

Mars has been colonized and terraforming is under way, and space elevators are paving the way for intrasolar commerce.

But all is not rosy in the solar system, as tensions mount between the teeming population of the Earth and the perceived economic freedom and open space of the Solar System. The League of Nations has quietly bowed out, letting the feuding nations of Earth and Space settle their differences...

Mare Bellicum

As the fog of war clears in 2275, the grand Space Condominium is no more. A great rift has opened between those humans living in Space and those found on Earth. The League of Nations is no more, having been sundered in the Solar War. The colonies of space are quickly re-organizing, some allying with their parent nations, others, like Mars declaring themselves independent. Despite a continuing "Cold War" between the Earth and the solar colonies, many emigrate to the stars, seeking freedom of thought, of person, of speech, of religion, of government. The larger asteroids are quickly colonized, and missions are mounted to re-route and colonize the planetoids of the Oort Cloud.

The future begins to clear and humanity seems to be on its way to recovery when upon Earth the computers that have so long served humanity begin turning against their masters. Is war between man and machine, creator and creation inevitable?

Pax Æternam

When a lasting concord of peace is brokered between Earth and Space, humanity once again turns from its internal, perennial squabbling and looks to the stars. In a matter of decades a vast string of human colonies stretches to the nearer stars, and a golden age of humanity looks to bloom.

Ambassadors of Mother Earth's burgeoning family have met to renew the Great Space Condominium and the League of Human Nations. As the last of the signatories signs the document a messenger arrives in orbit, declaring a new threat. An alien race has appeared on the fringes of humanity, destroying colony upon colony.

As the newly united humans strive to repel the invaders, whose only strategy is total annihilation, military linguists break the only message the aliens transmit. "We come to bring Eternal Peace."