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Bremersche Luft Hansa AG
Lufthansa Logo
Type Public company
Slogan Besonders für Sie!
Especially for you!
Founded 1897
Location Bremen, Holy Roman Empire
Key people Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO & Director
Employees 135,264
Industry Avionic Transport
Products Passenger & Freight Transports
Revenue Green up.png T 1 million

Lufthansa is the name of the largest German airline company. The full name is Bremersche Luft Hansa AG, and is actually one of the largest in the world. Their main base is in the Hanseatic city of Bremen, with a secondary base in Frankfurt am Main. A tertiary hub is being developed near the Berlin Aerodrome.

Lufthansa is a founding member of Star Alliance, one of the world's major airline alliances. Currently, the Lufthansa Group operates more than 300 aircraft. It uses the IATA designator LH and the ICAO designator BLH.


Flag of the Bremersche Luft Hansa AG

As a League decision, the Hansa decided on January 6, 1926, to unify their air-transport interests and thus Lufthansa was born. Over the years there have been frustrations expressed by various other air-transport companies within the Holy Roman Empire about the near monopoly that Lufthansa has exercised in the region. An air war between Lufthansa and Venedair was feared in the 1990's, but was averted with the "Star-Alliance" (German: Sternallianz; Wenedyk: Olęca Ściołar) where Venedair and Lufthansa worked amicably with one another. This move has proven highly fruitful, but has resulted in loose "spheres-of-influence" where the two airlines allow one or the other to control a local market

As the business of person transport has grown over the years, subsidiary businesses to Lufthansa have increased. Here are some of the noteable:

  • Lufthansa Technik, one of the world's largest aircraft maintenance providers
  • Lufthansa CityLine, a regional carrier
  • Thomas Cook, a diversified travel services provider
  • Delvag, an insurance company specializing in air transport
  • LSG Sky Chefs, the world's largest airline caterer, which accounts for one-third of the world's airline meals
  • Lufthansa Flight Training, a major provider of flight crew training services to various airlines

The fleet of Lufthansa is composed primarily of Intercontinental and Intracontinental Airships.

  • Airbus A300 (-600)
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A330 (-200 and -300)
  • Airbus A340 (-300 and -600)
  • Boeing 737 (-300 and -500)
  • Boeing 747 (-200F and -400)
  • Boeing 767 (-300)
  • Boeing MD-11 (-F)
  • Avro RJ85
  • Canadair CRJ700
  • Canadair CRJ200

Current destinations served by Lufthansa Air

(not including Lufthansa CityLine or Thomas Cook lines)

Holy Roman Empire

  • Berlin
  • Bremen
  • Dresden
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hanover
  • Cologne/Bonn
  • Leipzig/Halle
  • Munich
  • Nuremberg
  • Stuttgart




North America

Latin America

Interesting Facts

One of the newest Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was a pilot and eventually senior vice president for flight operations and chief pilot for Lufthansa.