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Ҹумҳурии Озарбойҹон
Republic of Azerbaijan
Conventional short name:
Local: Озарбойҹон
English: Azerbaijan
State flag of Azerbaijan
National motto: THE MOTTO!
 Official: Azari dialect of Persian
 Others: Other Persian dialects (Tati & Talysh subdialects of Azari, Farsi), Russian, Armenian, Assyrian, Avar, Georgian, German, Kurdish, Lezgian, Turkish (Azeri dialect aka Tatar), Udi, Yiddish
 Capital: Tabriz/Табрез/تبریز
 Other: Badu Kube/Баду Кубе (Baku/Бакы)), Helenendorf/Xân-Hâ (Ҳан-Ха)), Ganja/Yelizavétpol (Ганҹа/Елизаве́тполь), Kuba (Куба/קאובּא), Lenkoran (Лонкоран), Shamakhi (Шамакы)
President: Abbas Roşdiyye al-Tabrizi
Prime Minister: Ismail Garabaghi
Area: 209,260km2
Population: 9,911,646 Azerbaijanis
Independence: from Russia
 Declared: 1991
 Recognized: 1991
Independence: from RULING NATION
 Date: DATE
Organizations: Silk Road League, MEA


The name 'Azerbaijan' is the slight Turkification of 'Azarbaijan' which is an Arabicized version of the original Persian name 'Azarpayagan' because the /p/ and /g/ are not native Arab sounds (largely). 'Azarpaygan' is made up of azar+payag+an (azar=fire; payag=base; an=suffix of location). It is also claimed that the name comes from Atropates ("fire protector" in Old Persian/Middle Persian) who was the provincial satrap at the time of Alexander the Great. The region was known as "Media Atropatene" at the time.


Azerbaijan is a parliamentary democracy with a presidential system. Although its majles (parliament) is based on post-SNORist Russia's Duma, it is a unitary, not a federal state with little devolution for its various subdivisions.


Administrative Divisions


Medieval Era

Turkic Onslaught

Safavi Order Takeover

Russian Occupation

Post Great War, the Badu Kube Soviet, and the Democratic People's Republic of Azerbaijan

Russian Re-Annexation

Fall of the SNOR and Independence Once More

Armeno-Azeri War (1994-2014)

Navy ensign
Air Force roundel


North: Russia.
West: Georgia, Armenia.
South: Persia.
East: Caspian Sea.



Ethnic Groups



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