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Conventional short name:
Local: Canton (Gwongdung)
English: Canton
State flag of Canton
 Official: Cantonese
 Others: Zhuang, Hakka
Capital: Canton
Independence: from China
 Date: 1949
Organizations: Chinese League

Created at the end of the Pacific War, Canton is often seen as the most modern of the Chinese republics. Indeed, it is the one with the closest relations to the West, and possibly the richest of them. This probably stems from a deal in 1957, in which the Cantonese signed Hong Kong over to the FK, in order to receive aid in reconstruction. This seems to have worked, and Canton is now a thoroughly modern nation. The common Zhuang dissenters in the northwest have been a problem, but an autonomous region has been set aside for them. In early 2003, Hunan invaded, and were successfully repulsed, but there was an outbreak of SARS at about the same time.



North: Hunan.
Northwest: Zhuanguo.
Southwest: Nam Viet.
South: South Chinese Sea, Hainan (Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan).
Northeast: Meizhou.