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Norge (Riksmål)
Norway (English)
Flag of Norway
Subdivision of: Scandinavian Realm
 Capital: Christiania
 Largest: Christiania
 Other: Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger
 Official: Riksmål
 Others: Norsk, Swenska
Archqueen: Margrethe II

The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country, part of the Scandinavian Realm on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering Sweden and Finland, with territorial waters bordering Danish and Federated Kingdom waters. It has a very elongated form and has an extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean, where Norway's famous fjords are found.



Norway participates in the Rigsradet, the ruling body of the Scandinavian Realm.

Administrative Divisions

Norway is divided into 13 historical provinces (lagmannsdømmer). They are in alphabetical order (administrative centres in brackets):

  • Agder (Christiansand)
  • Akershus (Christiania)
  • Borgarsyssel (Sarpsborg)
  • Bergenhus (Bergen)
  • Herjedalen (Sveg)
  • Hålogaland (Bodø)
  • Jamtland (Østersund)
  • Oplandene (Hamar)
  • Skiensyssel (Skien)
  • Stavanger (Stavanger)
  • Trøndelag (Trondheim)
  • Tunsberg (Tunsberg)
  • Viken (Uddevalla)


Norway's union with Denmark began during the Kalmar Union, and from that time has remained in personal union with Denmark, giving rise to both Rigsmål and the Scandinavian Union.



Norway is bordered by: North: The Artic Ocean. West: The Atlantic Ocean. South: The North Sea and Gøteborg Capital Territory. East: Sweden and Samme.

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