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Flag of Tenasserim
Subdivision of: Scandinavian Realm and Mÿqan̊ Ðaij

Tenasserim is a tributary state between the Scandinavian Realm and Mÿqan̊ Ðaij.


The Tenasserim river valley was originally a part of Siam. But Burma conquered it after they wiped out the Mon kingdom of Hamsavati.

Decades of fighting then took place in Tenasserim as Siam and Burma continued to fight over the territory. The decades of wars made it virtually uninhabited except for a few Malay pirates who now used the territory as their base of operations. These Malay pirates were harassing Dano-Norwegian ships, and ridding the area of pirates was one of the incentives that got Scandinavia involved in liberating Monland from Burma.

After the alliance with Siam against Burma, Scandinavia was awarded Tenasserim as a vassal state of Siam, where the Scandinavian monarch would be the king of Tenasserim but feudatory to the king of Siam.

Since Tenasserim was virtually uninhabited when the SR acquired it, it became colonized by a mixed crew of Scandinavians, Germans, Batavians, Indians, Ðaijs, Mons, Chinese and Malays. Tenasserim folk probably speak some sort of creole.



North: Monland.
West: Andarman Sea.
South: Xri Ðharrmaráza (tributary state between Mÿqan̊ Ðaij and Xrivizaja).
East: Gulf of ?.
Northeast: Mÿqan̊ Ðaij.

The histories I have envisioned for Monland and Tenasserim are strongly inspired by actual Danish involvement in Siam *here*. There was actually an unofficial Danish colony in Bangkok in the 19th century. Many of these Danes in Siam became officers in the Siamese navy, army, and gendarmerie (and to this day many Thai naval officers train in Denmark). Others were prominent businessmen, who helped modernize Siam. One of Denmark's largest shipping companies *here*, the East Asiatic Company (EAC), was started by one of these Danes. *There* the EAC would be a company from Tenasserim. Likewise, I have extracted *here's* unofficial Danish colony in Bangkok, amplified it to match SR's size, and then placed it *there* in Tenasserim and Monland.

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