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Doeng Mon
Civil ensign of Monland
Subdivision of: Scandinavian Realm

The Mons originally had an independent kingdom called Hamsavati in southern Burma. Hamsavati granted Denmark-Norway the right to establish a trading colony in Martaban. Then Burma overan Hamsavati in the mid-18th century and ethnically cleansed the region of Mons. The survivors fled to Siam and Martaban.

Burma then repeatedly harassed Martaban, so Martaban and Denmark-Norway's other east-indian possessions waged a privateering war agains Burma.

After Denmark-Norway and Sweden went into union inthe begining of the 19th century to form the SR, the SR decided to deal with Burma once and for all. With Siamese and Mon help, Martaban expanded its territory to include the present borders of Monland. The Mon refugees in Siam returned to their new motherland, which was now under SR protection. Scandinavia was also awarded Tenasserim as a vassal state by Siam in return for helping Siam regain some of the Shan states and Chiang Mai, which it had earlier lost to Burma.

The Mons are people who live in southern Burma around the city of Moulmein by the Gulf of Martaban. Linguistically they are very closely related to the Khmers (Cambodians). Like the Khmers, they once ruled a large kingdom in mainland Southeast Asia. Then came waves of Burmic and Daic migrations from the north, which geographically separated the Mons from their Khmer brethrens by the 10th century. When the Burmese came into contact with the Mons, they adopted the Mon writing system and Buddhism. Mon continued to be the literary language of the Burmese courts until the 12th century. Today, the Mon and Burmese scripts are virtually identical. In the mid-18th century, the Burmese destroyed and ethnically cleansed the last of the Mon kingdom, Hamsavati, by killing all the nobility, all the buddhist monks, and all the peasants. The few that survived fled to Siam. They returned to part of their original motherland once again when Britain conquered the Tenasserim territory from Burma in the first (or was it the second?) Anglo-Burmese War. For a hundred years, the Mons were under British protection in the British Tenasserim colony. Then Burma claimed its independence, and promises were made to the Mons and the Shan states that they would remain separate from Burma. But shortly after independence, Burma ignored these promises and annexed Tenasserim and the Shan states. Britain refused to interfere and the Mons, the Karens, and the Shans have been fighting the Burmese ever since. Recently, Burma (now called Myanmar) made some concessions to the Mons and created a separate Mon state within the former British Tenasserim colony. But there are still quite a few Mons who (like the Karens and the Shans) still want the promises made to them of separation from Burma fulfilled.



Northwest: Burma.
West: Andarman Sea.
South: Tenasserim (Tributary state between the Scandinavian Realm and Mÿqan̊ Ðaij).
East: Mÿqan̊ Ðaij.

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