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Trankebar (Riksmål)
Tarangambandi (Tamil)
Tranquebar (English)
Flag of Tranquebar
Subdivision of: Scandinavian Realm and Karnátaka
 Capital: Dansborg
 Official: Riksmål
 Others: Tamil
Archqueen: Margrethe II
Area: AREA
Established: 1620, Danish East India Company

Tranquebar was a Danish-Norwegian colony in India, founded in 1620 by the Danish East India Company. It is now a participant in the Scandinavian Realm. It is spelled Trankebar in Riksmål, which came from the native Tamil Tarangambadi, meaning "place of the singing waves". It is located in Nagapattinam district about 100 km south of Pondicherry, near the mouth of a distributary of the Kaveri. The main fort, known as Fort Dansborg, was built in 1620 CE by a Danish captain named Ove Gedde and was the residence of the governor and other officials for about 150 years, until more permanent residences were built. The fort remains to this day, and serves now a museum hosting a collection of artifacts from the time of Danish-Norwegian colonization in the region. Churches, the fort and the city gates are now being restored to help increase tourism.

Banner of arms

Marine archaeology and Underwater Exploration

A joint project between the National Institute of Oceanography, Chennai and the Scientific Exploration Society of the Scandinavian Realm have explored the Mahabalipuram coast to the edge of the Kaveri delta. The studies have indicated the presence of a seaward sea-wall protecting the fort and a Siva temple. Evidence has also been obtained regarding the advance of the shoreline towards the ruins of the fort.

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