Central American Community

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Communidad Centroamericana
Américva Central
Conventional short name:
Local: América Central
English: Central America
Flag of Central American Community
Subdivision of: Castile and Leon
 Official: Castilian
 Others: Maya, Moskito
 Capital: Guatemala
 Largest: Guatemala
 Other: San Salvador, León, San José
Monarch: King Alfonso José
General Governor: Daniel Ortega.
Area: ...
Population: 15,000,000 Central-Americans
Established: 1975, By the reunification of the Kingdom
Currency: 1 escudo = 4 pesos duros = 20 pesetas = 240 denarios
Organizations: Castilian Commonwealth

The Central American community includes the Central American territories of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon as well as the Protectorate of Chiapas.



Central America is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon. As an autonomous region it has a parliament, the Corte Legislativa, and a general governor, the Gobernador General in the capital, Guatemala.

The head of state is King Alfonso José of Castile and Leon, and the chief of state is the prime minister, Luis Ignacio Escobar. The current general governor is Daniel Ortega.

Administrative Divisions

Central America is further divided into five governorships (gobernaciones) and several provinces (provincias) and communes (municipios). The Protectorate of Chiapas is usually counted as a governorship of the Central American Community.

Each governorship has its own governor (gobernador) and legislative assembly (asamblea legislativa), the provinces have a provincial junta (junta provincial) which shares legislative and executive powers, and each commune has a mayor (alcalde) and a communal council (concejo municipal).

The governorships and provinces are:

  1. Protectorado de Chiapas
    Capital: San Cristobal
    • Provincia de Chiapas
  2. Gobernación de Guatemala
    Capital: Guatemala
    • Provincia del Guatemala
  3. Gobernación de Honduras
    Capital: Tegucigalpa
  4. Gobernación de Nicaragua
    Capital: León
  5. Gobernación de Costa Rica
    capital: San José
  6. Gobernación de San Andrés i Mosquitos
    capital: San Andrés






Northwest: Mejico.
Southwest: Pacific Ocean.
Southeast: New Kingdom of Granada.
Northeast: Caribbean Sea.







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