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Nicknames: Zahir, Zahir al-Daoud
(and sometimes I've heard myself referred to simply as "Him" followed by a kind of exhausted, angry sigh)
Caretaker: North American League and Romania)
Email: [email protected]


 Date: 1959
 Place: San Francisco, Montrei
Place of residence: Los Angeles, Alta California (formerly New Amsterdam, North American League)
Current Job: Respondent Interviewer at Neilsen Entertainment Group
Vampires, history, religion, mythology, creative writing, etc.
Areas of Interest: North American League

Heraldry in general
Mass media, etc.

Contribution to IB:
A few flags, some royal personages, some t.v. shows, posters, the insignia of the Order of the Round Table (am quite proud of that one), proposed histories for two NAL GMs, etc. etc. etc.
Anti-Spam League Rosette.

Dr. Zahir is number 47 on The List, but has a long history with the Yahoo! Conculture Group. As a member of the Anti-Spam League, Dr. Zahir is the Guard of the Gate, Pikeman of Help, Righter of Wrongs. He has also been dubbed "Cartographicus Historicus" and "Knight In The Order Of The White Eagle" and "Earl Marshall of Il Bethisad" (one of several). He is caretaker for the North American League and joint caretaker of Romania.

Zahir is the name. I've been hanging out at the Conculture list for quite some time, but only recently began to contribute to IB. Perhaps foolishly, I agreed to create rank insignia for the NAL military. I've done the Navy so far and have begun work on the others.

I have a degree in Theatre Arts and graduated from the National Shakespeare Conservatory (or Gwilim Trammelpila). I was raised in Pensacola, Florida. Born a Sagitarius in the Year of the Boar (make of that what you will).

On stage I've performed as Jacques in As You Like It, Gremio in The Taming of the Shrew, Malvolio in Twelfth Night as well as Lawyer in Tiny Alice (by Edward Albee) and Goldberg in The Birthday Party (by the late Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter). Have done Miller and Shaw as well, plus a bunch of musicals and one outdoor drama.

Love history. After four years of High School French I'm afraid I've retained very little of that language, alas. Adore Lord of the Rings (films and book). My fave authors include Gwilim Trammelpila and the late Dennis Potter as well as Tanith Lee and George R.R. Martin. Have a fondness for space opera, especially the Vorkosigan Saga and the Uplift series although Honor Harrington is lots of fun. Methinks the Esmay Suiza novels are actually better, though.

Am also a fan of vampire stories and movies. Among my "Top Ten" in that category would be "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "Interview With the Vampire" and "Shadow of the Vampire" and "Let The Right One In" as well as "Spanish Dracula" and "Lips of Blood". I thought "Twilight" was fun.

Well! That was long-winded, wasn't it?

To-do List

Current Works in Progress