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The Corporate Logo

Metropolitan Moving Pictures, based in New Amsterdam, is one of the largest entertainment corporations in the NAL. It also has large branch offices in Chicago and Atlanta. Many of its films have been international hits, especially elsewhere in the Commonwealth and in the Americas.

Some of its best-known motion pictures include:

The poster for Salome
(former MMP logo)
  • Salome (1925) starring Alia Valentina
  • Fled With The Wind (1939) about pre-Fire Atlanta
  • Cathedral of Secrets (1942) starring Sir Basyl Rathbone as Inspector Watson
  • A Fistful of Coins (1968) a gritty story set in 19th century Tejas, centering around a mysterious gunslinger.
  • Paterfamilias (1978) an award-winning drama about the head of an organized crime family.
  • Paterfamilias 2 (1981) the even more award-winning sequel.
  • Honest Lies (1980) an action-adventure-comedy starring Arnold Shicklegruber
  • Once Upon A Time in the East (1985) a lavish epic about the Great Oriental War.
  • Jacques Cartier de Mars (1990) was a lavish Vito Delaurentis adapatation of the Jacques Cartier books
  • Wainwright (1997) directed by Roger Stone, about the supposed conspiracy to assassinate General Moderator James Wainwright.
  • Subterranea (1999) about vompires in Xliponia
  • Subterranea: Quest of the Bloodstone (2003) the hugely successful sequel

LOTR Movie News

(November, 2005) - Amid great fanfare, executives at Metropolitan Moving Pictures announced that director Hadrian Voermann has been giving the go-ahead to make two motion pictures based on the classic fantasy novel "The Lord of the Rings" by Sir John R.R.Tolkien.

Voermann is a veteran filmmaker who once before attempted to make a big-budget fantasy epic, titled "Mythos" but which never left the development stage. His previous movies include a wide range of hits and misses, including the science fiction "Glaive Runner," the explicit noir thriller "Instincts Basic," the feminist road picture "Louise and Thelma" and the almost hallucinatory "The Sapphire Forest." He has also adapted novels to screen before, most famously "Lotilda" based on the scandalous work by Vlad Nabokhev. His most recent film was "Not Faithful," a drama about adultery.

According to studio spokesmen, the preproduction of Fellowship of the Ring has already commenced, with casting expected to be finished within the next three months. Filming is scheduled to begin this summer on location in Oregon